Chinese Silver Panda Coins

The Chinese silver panda coin is a silver bullion coin minted by the Republic of China.

YearBulk uncirculated coinsProof and other special coins% silverTotal weightsilver weightDiameter
1983010,000 (proof and frosted proof)0.927g24.3g38.6mm
1984010,000 (proof)0.927 g24.3 g38.6 mm
1985010,000 (proof)0.927 g24.3 g38.6 mm
1986No Silver Pandas in 1986 but many collect 1/2 oz Silver Panda coins in their placeNo Silver Pandas in 1986N/AN/AN/AN/A
1987031,000 (proof)0.92531.1 g40 mm (possibly 38.6 mm)
1988No 1 oz Silver Pandas in 1988No 1 oz Silver Pandas in 1988N/AN/AN/AN/A
1989250,00025,000 (proof)0.99931.1 g40 mm
1990200,00020,000 (proof)0.99931.1 g40 mm
1991100,00020,000 (proof)0.99931.1 g40 mm
1992100,0005,202 (proof)0.99931.1 g40 mm
1993120,000?????.99 931.1 g40 mm
199460,000 small date and 60,000 large date20,000 (proof)0.99931.1 g40 mm
1995168,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
1996??????????0.99931.1 g40 mm
199750,00080,000 (proof and proof with gold insert)0.99931.22 g40 mm
1998100,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
1999??????????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2000??????????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2001500,000 (405,000 overseas and 95,000 domestic)?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2002500,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2003600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2004600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2005600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2006600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2007600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2008600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2009600,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
20101,500,000?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2011The scheduled mintage was originally supposed to be 3,000,000. The actual mintage was 6,000,000.?????0.99931.1 g40 mm
2012 [1]8,000,000?????0.99931.235 g31.1035 g40 mm
2013 [2]8,000,000?????0.99931.235 g31.1035 g40 mm
2014 [3]8,000,000?????0.99931.235 g31.1035 g40 mm

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