Chicago Board Options Exchange Guide to Options Trading

When I called my broker, TradeKing, asking for more information on options trading, the TradeKing representative pointed me to options tutorials at CBOE.

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (aka CBOE), founded in 1973 as the first US options exchange, is the most comprehensive stock options resource on the web. CBOE options trading tutorials start off with a basic comparsion of each topic/strategy, followed up by a short quiz on each section.

CBOE does a great job of dispelling myths and misconceptions about options trading. Please bookmark CBOE for further reference on options. If you’re serious about mastering options, the Chicago Board Options Exchange will become a familiar destination.

Since my goal is to slowly integrate options trading into my investment portfolio, I will continue to talk more about options trading in the future.

Remember Robert Kiyosaki says, “Option Trading is the investment of the rich.” Considering the amount of leverage and risk protection options give the average investor, Kiyosaki hits the nail on the head.

Let me know if CBOE’s tutorials helped!

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