3 Reasons Why CFD Trading is Beneficial for Your Business

CFD trading allows the trader to earn profits without owning the underlying asset. Traders make their money from market shifts. The focus is on the price movement of the asset from when it enters trade to when it exits.

Ultimately, what matters with CFD trading is the change in price; not the asset’s value. When you trade CFDs, you have a contract with your broker. The last decade saw CFDs rising in popularity especially since you can trade online from anywhere. Also, online trading costs are very low.

Consequently, anyone (including rookie traders) can trade CFDs. There is also a lot of information available online.

How Do CFDs Work?

As mentioned earlier, CFD trading relies on the price movement of money markets. These markets include the following:

  • Currencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities

If your prediction states an underlying asset’s price is going up, purchase a CFD and make your money. In other words, go long. On the other hand, if you determine the price is going to deep, go short by selling a CFD. You will make your profit from the decline.


Whichever way you choose to go, your profits are derived from the difference between entry and closing prices. If the odds are in your favor and in your chosen direction, you will make a lot of profit. If not, then you could lose a chunk of money in what is known as loss of profit.

When you purchase your CFDs, you are expected to pay only a portion of the value of the position. The portion you pay is called the margin. Hence, you will be trading on the margin. This allows you to buy more than you would have be able to if you had to pay the full value of your position.

Why have CFDs become so popular? In a word, leverage. Traders simply love to capitalize on it. CFD trading may be great for your business for the following reasons:

  • Leverage makes it possible for businesses to utilize capital effectively
  • 24-hour trading which enhances your chances of making profits from fast execution
  • It is possible to make profits from the increase or decline of the market
  • Low transaction costs

The Benefits of Trading Contracts for Difference

Use Capital Efficiently

The use of margin allows you to use your investment capital effectively because it gives you leverage. Simply put, you can choose a position and only pay a fraction of the expected amount. Since you still have some funds left over, you can spend it on other investments.

This is a huge advantage as you are able to spread your money out and be in a position to make even more. You are in a position to enhance your returns on investment.


However, as a sobering thought, you stand an equal risk of loss. You must remember that if the position does not go as predicted, you could lose more than your initial deposit. Luckily, you have tools, such as leverage, to help you manage your risks.

CDFs Do Not Attract Stamp Duty

With conventional trading, you are expected to pay stamp duty. CFD trading does not include owning the underlying asset that you trade on. Hence, you do not pay stamp duty. Nevertheless, there is tax treatment to be concerned about. Since it depends on your circumstances as an individual, they can change.

Availability of both Falling and Rising Markets

You can trade on the price of an asset that is declining or increasing in price. Therefore, you stand to benefit from both falling and rising markets. This increases buying opportunities as well as opportunities to make profits.

Lots of investors trade in CFDs to hedge the portfolios they already have when there is a short-term slump.


Trading in CFDs can help you make profits for your business. Just like it is used by individuals to make extra money, so can a business use it for the same. It may add to your business profits and help you to expand faster.


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