5 Celebrity SPAC Stocks to Watch for 2021

Current and retired sports athletes are cashing in on the hot new SPAC trend to leave a bigger legacy than their sports career. In 2021 alone, there have been 100 sports-rated SPACs formed so far compared to just 5 for all of 2019.

Celebrity stars from Stephen Curry to Alex Rodriguez have either partnered with SPACs or joined the board of directors as more investors pile into these blank check companies that search for a high growth business to take public.

We’ve put together a list of the best Celebrity SPAC stocks to watch this year if you’re looking for some excellent hypergrowth investment opportunities.

1. Subversive Capital Acquisition (OTCMKTS: GRAMF) – Jay-Z

Jay-z, the world renown rapper and entrepreneur, partnered with Subversive Capital Acuqisition to form the largest Cannabis company in California called The Parent Company. Jay-z will serve as the Chief Visionary Officer and attempt to capture a huge market share in the most important Cannabis market on the planet.

The merger completed in Jnuary and now the company trades on the OTC markets under the ticker symbol” GRAMF.

The company operates 17 different brands including Jay-z’s Caliva and Monogram Cannabis brands. In the latest Q4 2020 full year results, The Parent Company generated $188 million in revenue (Up 76% YoY) with $337 in cash on its balance sheet to further grow the company.

There are several risks here since OTC stocks report unaudited numbers and we cannot 100% verify all of the revenue claims. However, I think there is some upside for risk taking investors since GRAMF’s market cap is just under $500 million. If The Parent Company can continue growing its sales alongside Jay’z influential brand name then GRAMF has some long term value in my opinion.

2. Dune Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: DUNE) – Stephen Curry

NBA Superstar Stephen Curry, along with his business partner Jeron Smith, got involved with a tech SPAC called Dune Acquisition. The SPAC closed the intital public offering price in December 2020 and is currently searching for a business to merger with.

Stephen Curry has a deep interest in software and technology so perhaps DUNE will seek a high growth business to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley.

3. Jaws Spitfire Acquisition (NYSE: SPFR) – Serena Williams

Serena Williams’s venture capital firm Serena Ventures backed a SPAC that will take Velo3D, a 3-d printing company, public in a deal valued at $1.6 billion. The deal will provide Velo3D with $500 million in cash to grow the business as 3-d printing stocks continue to soar along with new technological trends. The merger will close in the 2nd half of 2021 and the new ticker symbol will be “VLD”.

4. BOA Acquisition (NYSE: BOAS) – Shane Battier

Former NBA player Shane Battier has teamed up with San Franscisco Giants co-owner Scott Seligmann to form BOA Acquisition, a SPAC with $200 million raised. The SPAC seeks to merger with a proptech company that uses technology related to real estate in some manner.

5. Disruptive Acquisition Corporation I (NASDAQ: DISAU) – Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is part of the Athlete Advisory Council for a brand new SPAC that plans to raise $287 million through its IPO. The SPAC will target companies in the health & wellness, entertainment, and consumer-facing technology sectors.

Other superstar athletes on the advisory council include:

  • Justin Verlander
  • Naomi Osaka
  • Robert Lewandowski 
  • Saul “Canelo” Álvarez

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