Carnival of Investing – December 11, 2006 Edition

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Welcome to the Carnival of Investing!

There are some great reads in this edition, and I've listed my favorites below under “Editor's Picks”. The rest of the submissions can be found below in batches.

Enough talk, let's start reading those submissions!

——Editor's Picks——

Investment Cost Basis

Robert D Flach presents Keeping Track of Investment Cost Basis posted at The Wandering Tax Pro.

Portfolio Management

Steve Faber presents Time to Rebalance Your Portfolio? posted at Debt Free.

FMF presents What is Investment Rebalancing and Why You Need to Do It posted at Free Money Finance.

Chinese Mutual Funds

Sun presents China Play: A Comparison of FXI, PGJ, and MCHFX posted at The Sun's Financial Diary.

The Struggling US Dollar

Michael K. Dawson presents Impact of the Dollar Decline posted at Financial Freedom | Navigating the Icy Path to Financial Freedom | powered by The Time & Money Group.

Investing Basics

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Investor, Know Thyself! posted at The Digerati Life.


The Dividend Guy presents The Dividend Guy Blog – One Guy's Journey to Passive Income Through Dividend Investing » Psychology and Investing posted at The Dividend Guy Blog

To be Risk Adverse or Not to be?

Jeffrey Strain presents Investment Risk Tolerance: What’s Yours? posted at Personal Finance Advice

1st Batch of Investing Articles

2nd Batch of Investing Posts

  • Steve Bainbridge presents Professor Bainbridge's Journal: Faith-Based Investing posted at Professor Bainbridge's Journal, saying, “I suggest that there's reason to think faith-based funds likely will underperform the market over time”.
  • Trent presents Is Toll Going Anywhere? posted at Stock Market Beat.
  • Leon Gettler presents Hedge funds, politicians and insider trading posted at Sox First, saying, “Regulators might be moving to crack down on the illegal trade of market-moving information from companies, but hedge funds are tapping a rich source of inside tips and predictions: politicians and the politically connected. They are hiring lobbyists to pick up market-beating tips on plans for asbestos, internet gaming, Medicaid reimbursement, foreign ownership of US ports, prescription drugs, non-stop flights to China and corporate tax legislation.”
  • MillionDollarCountDown presents
    Buy and Hold or Trade for Short Term posted at Million Dollar Count Down, saying, “Comapring buy and hold vs short term trading strategies.”.
  • Ben presents What is Your 401k Provider Not Telling You? posted at Money Smart Life, saying, “Article concerning things not everyone knows about thier 401k that could be costing them a lot of money!”.

3rd batch of Investing Submissions

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