Carnival of Investing #58

I just finished reading this week's Carnival of Investing over at The Digerati Life.

Here are the posts that I liked:

Why You Should Ignore Stock market predictions

This post breaks down The Motley Fool's 2006 picks, and proves why stock market predictions are often no better than random guesses on the market conditions. Lately, the quality of The Motley Fool's information has suffered as well. Does anybody else feel the same way?

2 Mistakes an investor can make

The dividend guy gives 2 short descriptions of possible investing mistakes. But perhaps the biggest mistake of all is to not invest in anything.

Investing Trends in Oil and Alternative Energy

Prison breaks debunks several oil theories, and claims that oil supplies have not peaked. I'd have to argue that there is no efficient way of determining the true peak state, simply because oil lies deeply under the earth's crust. Whether or not oil has peaked, we should search for alternative energy substitutes anyway. Why burn all of our oil resources?

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