Calling All Submissions to Festival of Stocks

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I have the honor of hosting next week's Festival of Stocks. Blog carnivals are great marketing tools to get your content noticed by hundreds of new readers.

It's really easy to submit a post to the festival. Here are the simple and easy steps:

1. Write high quality content that you want visitors to read. Every time I submit articles to blogging carnivals, I always experience a slight jump in my feed subscribers.

2. Finalize your posts and submit them to the carnival before the deadline (around Jan. 14th or so). To avoid missing the deadline, submit your articles as soon as possible. Hint: I read all submissions in order received, so the earlier you send, the better.

3. You don't have to do anything until January 15th. Once I read all the submissions and pick my favorites, I'll e-mail every contributor the URL to the post as well as a thank you note.

4. Tell your readers! Let them know about the Festival of Stocks, so more eyes can read everyone's submissions. This helps increase the number of visitors to the Festival of Stocks. Hopefully some will become returning visitors.

You can read this week's Festival of Stocks at StockReply. I submitted my ongoing series, Chinese Stocks to Watch in 2007, because I really enjoy researching Chinese stocks. My recent research has led me to various foreign companies that look very lucrative for 2007. I'm a firm believer in global diversification, so either invest in foreign equities or buy a fund that does.

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