Northern Virginia Home Buyer’s Guide 2020

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Moving from one house to another can be a significant event in an individual's life. That's why you must choose a home situated in an area that would give you the most benefits. Whether you like a place that would bring you closer to valuable resources, or cities with vibrant culture, finding the place that will do you good is vital for your needs. After all, who wants to live in a crumbling state?

North Virginia is an excellent choice for people who want to move to an area where these factors can be met, and more! Before you go calling your family and friends goodbye, you must be aware of what will await you. North Virginia is a great place and a good investment too. Don't get me wrong. But researching before you make any life-changing decision is crucial, even if it's a change for the better.

Why Move to Northern Virginia?

Now I know Northern Virginia has a problem with traffic, but there are only a handful of places where traffic isn't an issue. The only difference is NoVA has an excellent quality of life. There's diversity, the urban lifestyle, vibrant cultures, and access to all kinds of resources.

So we'll tackle some of these—first, access to resources. In Northern Virginia, resources are everywhere. Because of how many individuals are living there, you can find a wide array of services for your needs. Be it schools, playgrounds, museums, and different job opportunities, NoVA has that.

Speaking of job opportunities, NoVA has a booming economy. It is a major center for U.S. and foreign commerce. This gives people different job opportunities they can choose from. IT graduates might also like it here since Northern Virginia is recognized to be America's Cyber Capital.

If you want to be surrounded by different cultures and lifestyles, then NoVA is a melting pot of different types of culture. Despite their deep root in their heritage, these people are intertwined with each other through shared experiences and connections.

Tips and Tricks for Buying a Home in NoVA

Here are the things you need to know:

Find Help

There's no shame in getting help from people who know what they are doing, and in this case, looking for the right realtor to help you with finding the perfect home. If you're a first-time homebuyer, then you must find a realtor that would go out of their way to find you the home perfect for your needs. They must be reliable and ensure one that would take the burden off your shoulders. They're also really good at negotiating, so they might check you out on the best deals in home buying.

However, it's crucial to look for a realtor that would best fit your character. That way, you won't have to clash against each other and work smoothly. Also, make sure that you tell them your specific requirements of the house so that they can find you great deals faster.

Hire Mortgage Consultants

Getting a mortgage is a complicated process to understand, especially for those who aren't familiar with it. That's why if you're confused about this part of the process, it's best if you interview mortgage consultants. A mortgage consultant, or mortgage broker, helps homebuyers, businesses, or individuals to find a mortgage. They see the best options based on an individual's income and deals with lenders and estate agents.

Lenders, during this process, might look into your credit report. Some institutions will do a soft credit check, for example. This is to ensure them that you're here to do business- that you're creditworthy and follow through with your responsibilities. Check your credit report for erroneous records and right them.

Avail for Property Watch

You can't choose if you don't know what to choose from, so signing yourself for a property watch would give you a glimpse of which houses are available and if you can afford those houses. Their websites are updated with active listings.

If you found homes that suit your needs, sign up for its property watch, and you'll be updated whenever new listings are available. Keep an eye out, though, since you're not the only one who's buying for a new home. Always keep yourself updated so you won't say goodbye to that one home that got away.

The Advantage of Buying in Summer

Buying a house in summer has an advantage in North Virginia. For one, summer months in Northern Virginia meant you're going to have fewer competitors, especially if you're a first-time homebuyer. July and August are also good months to buy a house because inventory levels rise, so there is a discrepancy with the supply and demand. This gives buyers more options for homes that would stay longer in the market.

Ensure a Title Insurance

This is important and crucial because title insurance will protect you from financial loss that is linked to property ownership. Since life is uncertain and so is buying houses, there might be a chance that the home you purchased has erroneous public records or anything that threatens your ownership of the property. Get title insurance so you won't have to continually worry about the what if's of your legal ownership to the house.


It takes a lot of things to consider when buying a house, and moving to a new place can be a bit terrifying. New Virginia is a great place with amazing homes, fit for those who dream just enough. However, before you move there, you must still do your research to avoid obstacles that would threaten the peace of your mind and give you more trouble than they're worth. Buying houses, after all, is no walk in the park.

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