How to Build a Car Stereo System

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Building a great car stereo system can be a challenging project because of so many different components ,brands , sizes, power requirements,and other factors.Working on tight spaces can also be difficult.However, we'd like to point out that it's recommended to build your sound system in stages starting with speakers which are the most important part of a good sound system.In this article we're going to explain the different parts and components you'll need in your journey to a better listening experience.

Car Stereo Speakers :

Speakers are one of the most important part of a good stereo system.They are usually the first part you'll need to replace or upgrade.They come in 2 different types (full-range & components).Component speakers are the advanced type, and they're comprised of a bass/midrange driver,tweeter,and an external passive crossover.Their installation is more complicated than a coaxial speaker.

Coaxial speakes on the other hand are comprised of a driver and a tweeter, some of them also use a separate bass driver.The driver and tweeter are combined into a single basket or frame with the tweeter mounted onto a tweeter post.These speakers make a good replacement for factory speakers.

If you are on the lookout for a great set of speakers and great sound is on your top priorities , we highly recommend going for components , otherwise,coaxial speakers will do the job.

Car Stereo Subwoofers :

Subwoofer are designed to reproduce low frequencies (bass).If big bass and high sound levels are what you're looking for , then you'll certainly need to add a subwoofer to your sound system.Subs come in different sizes , 8″ inch (the lowest) , 10″ inch , 12″ inch and 15″ inch.You'll need to mount your sub(s) into an enclosures (box), you'll also need to consider a box based on on the size of the woofer and the type of vehicle.Some manufacturers offer amplified subwoofers , these come with everything preloaded in an enclosure , which can be easily installed in the trunk or behind the seats in a pick-up truck or wherever space is an issue.

Car Stereo Amplifiers :

Most head units come with built-in amplifier(humble amplifier by the way).These built-in amps aren't that powerful enough to power your sound system.that's the reason why you'll need an outboard amp.External amplifiers are your best best especially if you have a subwoofer that requires more power than what your head unit can put out.

Car Stereo Head Units and Receivers

You can keep using your factory in-dash head unit or replace it with a new sophisticated one.The new head units available on the market come with plenty of features and entertainment options to keep you entertained on the road . They come in 2 main sizes . the larger ones with larger displays are called double din head units while the smaller ones are referred to as single din head units.

Here are some features you might want to be aware of while shopping for a head unit.

-Built in bluetooth for hands free calling and wireless music streaming.

-Ipod , Iphone , android comaptibility.

-Pandora Internet radio control

-RMS Power Output

-Mixtrax Illumination.

-iHatRadio & Satelite Radio.

-remote control

-high- and low-pass filters

-inputs such as rear A/V and USB inputs, rear-view camera input

-outputs such as video output, channel preamp outputs

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