Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

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Here are my Bitcoin price predictions for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.


Bitcoin is the world’s oldest cryptocurrency and remains the most dominant coin with a 40% market dominance. Bitcoin Maxis such as Michael Saylor hold substantial amounts of BTC, which is often referred to as digital gold.

The crypto market got crushed in 2022 and millions of people were affected by the Terra Luna crash, Voyager & Celsius bankruptcy. Bitcoin lost a lot of its value but that doesn’t mean it will go to zero.

However, Bitcoin bottomed out in January 2023 and is ready for a massive runup in price as we approach the 2024 Bitcoin halving cycle. The Bitcoin halving will occur at block #770,000 and cut the mineable number of Bitcoin per block from 6.5 to 3.25.

It may be wise to avoid selling your Bitcoin before the 4th halving cycle that could send BTC prices past $100,000 for the first time ever.


Bitcoin Annual Price Prediction from 2023 to 2030

Bitcoin may hit $1,000,000 in the next 5 years and that’s why BTC is a good investment if you are bullish on cryptocurrencies.

Year (Ending Dec 31st)BTC Price Prediction

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2023

Bitcoin is predicted to gradually move up in price during the next crypto bull market as investors await the 4th Bitcoin halving event. The Fed may also pause its aggressive rate hike by Christmas 2023, which would be extremely bullish for Bitcoin. More people will seek out Bitcoin as a refuge from inflation and currency devaluation.

MonthAverage Price ($USD)
February 2023$25,000
March 2023$26,000
April 2023$30,000
May 2023$32,000
June 2023$35,000
July 2023$40,000
August 2023$42,000
September 2023$44,000
October 2023$48,000
November 2023$49,000
December 2023$54,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2024

2024 should be a huge year for Bitcoin. The 4th BTC halving will cut the block reward from 6.25 BTC every 10 minutes to 3.125. The Fed could lower interest rates in 2024 and a lot of institutional and retail investors will YOLO into cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin could break the $100,000 price level for the first time ever!

MonthAverage Price ($USD)
January 2024$55,000
February 2024$56,000
March 2024$58,000
April 2024$59,000
May 2024 (4th BTC halving)$60,000
July 2024$80,000
August 2024$00,000
September 2024$100,000
October 2024$110,000
November 2024$130,000
December 2024$150,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2025

2025 is predicted to be the top of the crypto bull run. Bitcoin may soar to crazy prices well over $300,000. Bitcoin investors may want to sell some Bitcoin and take profits into the buying frenzy.

MonthAverage Price ($USD)
January 2025$160,000
February 2025$175,000
March 2025$185,000
April 2025$195,000
May 2025$200,000
July 2025$210,000
August 2025$230,000
September 2025$250,000
October 2025 (Bull Market Top)$350,000
November 2025$320,00
December 2025$300,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2026

What goes up must come down and we predict another crypto bear market happening in 2026. Bitcoin may crash from its 2025 highs and settle around $80,000 just above the previous 2021 highs.


Historically, Bitcoin hasn’t crashed much below previous all-time highs because these areas serve as price support levels. When traders realize they can purchase Bitcoin at 2021 price levels, it will create a lot of demand.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2027

Bullish Breakout in 2028

The 5th Bitcoin halving will occur in 2028 at block #980,000 this cutting the BTC mining reward from 3.125 to 1.5625. All hell will break loose at this moment when Bitcoin miners are forced to fight over a little more than 1 BTC every 10 minutes.

That’s when the masses will wake up and realize how scarce Bitcoin is when compared to traditional assets like cash, stocks, ETFs, and bonds.

If Bitcoin follows a similar path then we are expecting BTC to reach $5 million after the 5 Bitcoin halving.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2030

Estimate2030 Price per CoinDetails
Fair Value$5 millionCrypto reaches 1+ billion users and BTC remains king.
Bull Case$10 millionBTC becomes the default global reserve currency.
Bear Case$4 millionGovernments issues CBDCs to compete with Bitcoin.

We’ve determined that a reasonable range for BTC in 2030 is $4 million to $10 million per coin.


This is also the period where we no longer expect wild bear market crashes due to Bitcoin’s massive adoption and extreme scarcity. In 2030, Bitcoin will turn 21 years old and should be treated as a mature asset class.

Crypto innovation will make it easier to buy and store Bitcoin while most merchants (both small business and corporations) could accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Employees will have the option to get paid in Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin in their 401 (K)s, and receive retirement pensions in BTC.


Expotential growth could send BTC prices as high as $10 million or more in 2030 but we remain conservative with a $5 million price target.

We don’t want to sell you hype because Bitcoin is extremely volatile. However, we cannot ignore the massive upside potential for a legit 100 to 200x in price over the next 8 years.

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