Brita Water Filter Saves You Money

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Brita water filters can save you up to $140 a year when you filter your tap water at home instead of buying bottled water from the grocery store. A filter eliminates the need to purchase bottled water, which has become a very profitable market for Pepsi Co and other bottling companies. The profits are huge because bottled water is nothing but pre-filtered water. So why can’t we filter our own water at home?

Example of Brita Water Filter Savings

Let’s say the average 24 pack of water costs roughly five dollars and the average family of four consumes one bottle per person per day(some artibtary number). The family of four will replace its 24-pack every six days (4 X 1 = 4 X 6 days = 24).

Weekly Water Expenditures

$5 per week
$20 per month
($240 per year)

Brita filter expenditures:

$10 per bottle x 4 people = $40 + $36 filter dispenser fee + $18 3-Pack replacement filters = $96 per year

Total savings when using Brita Filter: $240 – $96 = $144

If only more people knew the benefits of Brita, millions of dollars in industrial costs to manufacture plastic water bottles would be put to a better use than destroying the earth’s ozone layer. Water filters conserve, preserve, and recycle while providing incredible quality in water and taste. I still believe filtered water tastes better than any bottled water product out there.

Purchase A Family Size Brita Water Filter

If the family of four invested in four $10 (32 oz.) – Nalgene Water Bottle and a Brita UltraMax Smart Dispenser instead, the household would break in less than five months!

Purchase A Smaller Travel Brita Water Filter

For a smaller version, try Brita Slim Pitcher with Filter for light, casual use. Great for bedrooms, college dorms, offices, and personal use.

Where to Find Brita Replacement Filters

You can find the 3-Pack replacement filters Here