What is an eVTOL Aircraft? The Future of Urban Travel Explained

What are eVTOLs?

eVTOL, an abbreviation for electric vertical takeoff and landing, is an electric aircraft that relies on rechargable batteries instead of a fuel-based internal combustion engine.

An eVTOL ascends and descends vertically allowing it to operate in smaller city spaces as opposed to a traditional airplane that requires a long runaway for takeoff and landing.

The Benefits of eVTOL Aircrafts

The main benefits of eVTOLs are to allow people to get around cities and towns much faster than traditional cars by bypassing traffic and avoiding long transportation waits.

The eVTOL revolution unlocks the power of the sky and will return billions of hours in wasted commute time to the entire planet plus reduce harmful carbon emissions and provide cleaner air to breathe.

eVTOL Safety Measures

Many passengers may be concerned with the safety measures of eVTOLs but rest assured these electric aircrafts are much safer than you think.

First off, most eVTOLs will be flown by professional pilots at altitudes much lower than traditional airplanes. This reduces the risk of emergency landing over dangerous places such as oceans and provides a lot more safety to regular passengers.

Secondly, eVTOLs have several more engines than traditional airplanes thus improving safety in case of electric motor failure. For example, Archer’s Maker is equipped with 12 electric motors and 6 battery packs. Extra resources on board your eVTOL flight means extra safety in the long run.

Thirdly, eVTOLs are much quieter than traditional airplanes and passengers won’t have to worry about loud noises damaging their ears or affecting their hearing. Imagine a quiet, peaceful ride to your desired destination without worrying about engine sounds, loud booms, or other inconvenient noises we hear on airplanes.

The Future of Urban Travel

eVTOL aircraft will unlock a new dimension of urban transportation that will give people a lot of valuable time back.

The average commuter spends countless hours in traffic going to work and travelling to their favorite getaways. Imagine taking a 15-minute eVTOL flight to work instead of sitting in traffic for 2 hours.

Not only will eVTOLS save us a ton of time, but electric aircrafts will reduce harmful Co2 emissions and make the world a better place to live. Toxic air kills millions of people every year around the world but the eVTOL revolution has the ability to help bring that number as close to zero as possible.

Best eVTOL Companies

There are several publicly traded companies currently producing eVTOL aircrafts to help bring flying cars to the masses.

Joby Aviation, Archer Aviation, Vertical Aerospace, and Lilium are just a few of the bigger players in the eVTOL industry. There are hundreds of other small players working to gain market share in this new and evolving sector.

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