$20 Off Stash Invest Promo Code [January 2021]

Looking for a valid, working Stash Invest Promo code to unlock extra savings when you sign up?

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Promotion Name Savings Expiration Date
Get $20 When You Open a Stash Invest Account $20 01/31/2021

I’ve been using Stash Invest for almost a year and I will walk you through the process of claiming your $20 signup bonus!

How to Claim Your $20 Signup Bonus from Stash Invest

Click this link and you’ll be taken to the Stash Invest landing page where you can sign up by clicking the”Claim my $20″ button

Once you click the “Claim my $20“, you’ll be taken to a landing page that asks for your Name and email address.

Fill out your information then complete the 3 minute application process to create your Stash Invest account.

You must be a U.S. Citizen, Permanent residents or valid U.S. visa holders and at least 18 years of age to open a Stash Invest account.

Stash will ask for a few things like your age, DOB, etc just confirm your eligibility.

Next, you must complete your financial profile and answer a few questions about your experience as an investor, your time horizon, your tax filing status, your employment status and your annual income.

Lastly, you’ll have to verify your identity before accessing your account. Enter your phone number and address to proceed.

Stash Invest will ask your social security number to finally confirm your identity. It’s pretty safe to share your SSN with Stash Invest because they use a digital SSL certificate to protect your information.

I, along with 4 million+ Stashers, use the platform every day and I haven’t experienced any security issues yet. Stash is a real fintech company based out of New York City.

That’s it! Once yhou enter your SSN number, you should be able to make your first deposit (of at least $5). It should be take a few business days to receive your $20 bonus.

If it takes longer, you can contact Stash Invest at: support@stashinvest.com

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