Should I Sell My Bitcoin at $42k? Pros and Cons

It’s up to you if you want to take profits now since Bitcoin is up 164% in 2023.

There is nothing wrong with cashing out some BTC and using your profits to build an emergency fund, pay down debt, or put a down payment on a house.

However, I don’t plan to sell my Bitcoin until the top of the 2025 crypto bull market when Bitcoin could reach 300k to 400k after everyone FOMOs into crypto.

Best Time to Sell Bitcoin: Selling Bitcoin 500 days after the Bitcoin halving has worked perfectly over the last 3 halving cycles. That’s around September to October 2025 if history repeats itself.

Pros of Selling Bitcoin Now

  • Take profits after a nice gain
  • Sell before the Bitcoin spot ETF approval that could trigger a sell-off

Cons of Selling Bitcoin Now

  • Trigger a taxable even if you live in the United States
  • Miss out on a major run-up to the April 2024 Bitcoin halving event
  • Converting hard digital gold into weak fiat currency

8 Reasons Why You May Consider Selling Your Bitcoin Now

  1. Profit Taking: If your Bitcoin investment has seen substantial gains, selling now allows you to lock in profits and capitalize on the positive market performance.
  2. Diversification: Selling Bitcoin provides an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. Allocating funds to different assets can mitigate risk and enhance overall portfolio stability.
  3. Market Conditions: Assess the current market conditions. If you anticipate a potential downturn or correction, selling Bitcoin now could help you avoid potential losses.
  4. Financial Goals: Reevaluate your financial goals. If you’ve achieved a specific target or need liquidity for a different investment, selling Bitcoin aligns with adapting to changing financial objectives.
  5. Risk Management: If your risk tolerance has changed or if you have concerns about the cryptocurrency market’s volatility, selling Bitcoin can be a proactive risk management strategy.
  6. Opportunity Cost: Evaluate alternative investment opportunities. If other assets or markets are offering better potential returns, selling Bitcoin allows you to seize those opportunities.
  7. Tax Planning: Consider the tax implications. Depending on your jurisdiction, selling Bitcoin at a profit may have tax consequences, and strategic selling can be part of an overall tax planning strategy.
  8. Lifestyle Needs: If you have immediate financial needs or want to make a significant purchase, selling Bitcoin can provide the necessary liquidity.

Pay Attention to the Bitcoin Monthly Chart

Take a look at the daily, weekly, and monthly Bitcoin charts on TradingView to get an idea of how the crypto market is moving.

While BTC is currently overbought on the daily chart, you will see that BTC may continue going higher to 50k before a potential selloff.

Big Money is Buying Bitcoin

Several institutional investment firms are buying BTC to fund their pending Bitcoin spot ETF applications with liquidity. Some of these firms are:

  • Blackrock
  • Fidelity
  • Ark Invest
  • Investco
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Schwab

There are also rumors that the Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund wants to purchase $500 billion in Bitcoin.

If you plan on selling Bitcoin now then realize several big players are accumulating, which is why Bitcoin’s price has increased so much recently.

Do What is Best for You and Your Family

Bitcoin was created to give us freedom from the centralized banking system. It’s okay to sell Bitcoin to improve your personal life. Bitcoin trades 24.7 and you can buy your BTC back in the future.

Unless you need the cash, you are better off doing nothing and just HODLing. Don’t underestimate how high Bitcoin could go during this current bull run.

The best approach in my opinion is to HODL, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Alternatives to Selling Your Bitcoin Now

  • Get a higher-paying job: If you need money fast then find out how to make more money at your job. Think about switching jobs if you want to make more money per hour. It’s easier to find a better job when you already have one.
  • Apply for a Loan: Sometimes, getting a personal loan is a much better option than selling your Bitcoin.
  • Stop checking your crypto portfolio so often: If you are addicted to checking your Bitcoin holdings then you are more likely to sell your BTC. Read my article on how often you should check your crypto portfolio if Bitcoin is affecting your personal life. Better yet, sign up for Cointracker and monitor your portfolio without logging into your Bitcoin wallet. This is a great way to monitor your holdings without having access to the SELL button on your preferred crypto exchange.

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