How to Retire on Lucid Stock: How Many Shares Needed?

Can you really retire on Lucid stock by 2030? I’ll explain how you can retire by the end of the decade if you own Lucid stock and nothing else.

How Many Lucid Shares Do You Need?

Becoming a millionaire is probably the safest way to secure a safe retirement due to inflation and rising cost of living around the world. Let’s say you need $1 million in LCID stock as a general rule.

If you need at least $1,000,000 then we need to calculate a potential Lucid stock price in 2030. There is the possibility that the Saudi PIF buyouts the remaining LCID shares and takes Lucid private so keep that in mind.

LCID shares are up 17% since the SPAC IPO and we don’t have enough data to guess the 2030 share price based on past performance. However, we can use Tesla’s CAGR as a model plus predict how much revenue Lucid will generate over the next years.

Tesla has a 51% CAGR over the last 10 years and it’s possible that Lucid could be like Tesla once the company becomes profitable.

If LCID stock grows at a 50% CAGR then Lucid stock will trade at $273 by 2030.

Year LCID Stock Price Prediction
2023 $24
2024 $36
2025 $54
2027 $81
2028 $121
2029 $182
2030 $273

If Lucid stock trades for $273 then you’ll need at least 3,663 shares to become a millionaire by 2030. LCID stock currently trades at $12 so you need to invest around $44,000 at current market prices.

Can You Retire with Less Than $1,000,000 in Lucid Stock by 2030?

According to, the median American retirement income is around $47,500. That means you’ll need at least $4,100 per month to retire comfortably in a western country such as the United States.

If you live overseas or plan to retire in a foreign country then you could retire with a lot less money. Many Americans choose to retire in foreign countries such as Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Portgual, or even Thailand to take advantage of geoarbitrage and stretch their retirement savings much further.

However, let’s assume you want to remain in your current country and need at least $4,000 per month to retire comfortably. If you want to retire by 2030 then we should increase the minimum amount needed to around $50,000 to adjust for inflation.

Using a standard 5% withdrawal rate, you will need at least $1,000,000 to generate $50,000 per year in retirement income. If you continue spending 5% of your retirement savings then your money will last you 20 years if you earn zero additional income once you stop working.

The good news is that your Lucid shares will appreciate in value over time (assuming the business remains strong) so your money won’t run out for a long time. Investing in Lucid stock is one of the smartest idea at the moment for investors who want to stop working by 2030.

Lucid Can Possibly Make Your Retirement A Lot Easily

Many Lucid bulls believe in the company’s vision of a cleaner, more environmentally friendly planet and want to retire rich as a loyal Lucid shareholder.

If you are looking to invest in the best ev stocks that provide max upside as you near retirement then Lucid is one of my top recommendations.

LCID is probably my favorite millionaire maker stock right now and I’m betting on this exciting company in the future.

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