17 Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy for 2024

Metaverse stocks are becoming extremely popular among investors as a way to profit from the upcoming web 3.0 revolution as we transition from the social media to the virtual reality era. The Metaverse market could be worth $8.

Top Metaverse Stocks

Here are my thoughts on each stock.

Meta Platforms

Meta is one of the best-positioned companies to benefit from the web 3.0 metaverse due to its massive 2+ billion users across its vast network of social media apps. I wrote an article on SeekingAlpha discussing how Meta needs to pivot to the metaverse due to slowing DAU growth and competition from Tiktok and Truth Social.

Meta Reality Labs lost $10 billion in 2021 and I expect losses to increase as Meta ramps up its investment in the Metaverse.

However, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg probably knows more about social media than any other CEO on Wall Street and this move will position Meta as a clear leader once web 3.0 becomes mainstream.

The problem is the Metaverse won’t take off for several years and Meta shares are a risky bet at these current price levels.

If you’re looking for a solid future Metaverse stock then META shares are a good multi-year hold. Be prepared for downside risks in the short term as we transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0.


Matterport helps companies create 3D models of real-life environments to better serve customers and clients in the Metaverse. The company aims to digitize all aspects of reality as companies race to provide a web 3.0 friendly user experience.


Netflix is still the leading movie & TV subscription business in the world with over 220 million subscribers. The company promoted its original “The Grey Man” movie in Decentraland to generate buzz throughout the metaverse.

After suffering from a short term subscriber slowdown, Netflix could use the metaverse to increase its global reach and attract both paid and ad-viewing subs.

The Bullish Case for Metaverse Stocks

The Metaverse will change the way we use the internet as higher download speeds allow users to connect in the virtual world. While web 2.0 led to the rise of social media platforms, I believe web 3.0 will allow people to connect in the “virtual world” through augmented reality, games, and virtual technology.

Meta Platforms made an extremely bullish move by changing its name from Facebook to Meta Platforms and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an hour-long video explaining the Metaverse in-depth. You can watch this video below:

New metaverse technologies will drive a brand new web 3.0 economy and I expect many companies will benefit from millions of users joining the virtual world. In a post-COVID-19 world, many consumers will embrace the social distancing measures of the metaverse and find it a bit safer than connecting to people in large groups.

Why Invest in Metaverse Companies?

  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg led the web 2.0 innovation with social media and I think it’s worth noting his investment in the metaverse
  • Metaverse companies can provide amazing 100x returns as more people gather in the virtual world to interact, shop, play, and spend money.
  • Web 2.0 helped several companies reach massive valuations and the metaverse movement will do the same for a new set of winners.

How to Invest in Metaverse Stocks

Here’s how to buy shares in any publicly traded company that will benefit directly from the growth of the metaverse:

You can use the list of metaverse stocks we listed above as a good starting point. Targetting companies that will invest in virtual reality growth is usually the best start.

If you want to invest in the metaverse in general then try a metaverse ETF instead.

Step 2: Analyze the company

Some of the key things I look for in metaverse stocks are:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Good Price to Sales Ratio
  • Future growth potential in regards to the metaverse

Step 3: Buy the stock

You can purchase metaverse stocks through any broker or stock trading app.

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