Lucid Production Numbers: How Many Cars Have Been Sold?

Here are the latest Lucid motors production, delivery, sales, and net income numbers as of Q4 2022.

Key Lucid Motors Stats

Lucid Motors Production & Delivery Numbers

Quarter Production Deliveries
Q4 2021 400+ 125
Q1 2022 700 360
Q2 2022 705 679
Q3 2022 2,282 1,398
Q4 2022 3,493 1,932

In 2022, Lucid Motors has produced 7,180 and delivered 4,369 Lucid Airs.

Lucid Motors has delivered a total of 4,494 EVs as of December 31th, 2022.

Lucid Motors production target in 2023 is 10,000 to 14,000 electric vehicles.

Lucid Motors Revenue Numbers

Quarter Revenue
Q4 2021 $26.4 million
Q1 2022 $58 million
Q2 2022 $97.3 million
Q3 2022 $195 million
Q4 2022 $257 million

Lucid Motors has generated $608 million in revenue for fiscal year 2022.

Lucid Motors Net Income Numbers

Quarter Net Income
Q4 2021 -$1 billion
Q1 2022 -$81.3 million
Q2 2022 -$222 million
Q3 2022  
Q4 2022 -$472 million

Lucis Motors Earnings Per Share (EPS) Numbers

Quarter EPS
Q4 2021 -$0.64 cents per share
Q1 2022 -$0.5 cents per share
Q2 2022 -$0.33 cents per share
Q3 2022  
Q4 2022 -$0.40 cents per share

Lucid Motors Cash on Balance Sheet Numbers

Quarter Cash on Balance Sheet
Q4 2021 $6.2 billion
Q1 2022 $6 billion
Q2 2022 $4.2 billion
Q3 2022 $3.8 billion
Q4 2022 $4.4 billion

How Many Reservations Does Lucid Motors Have?

Lucid Motors has over 28,000 reservations as of Q4 2022.

Who is Lucid Motors’ Largest Shareholder?

The Saudi Public Investment Fund is the largest shareholder of Lucid Motors stock. The PIF owns 60.6% of all LCID common stock and has invested $3.9 billion into the company since 2018

Who are Lucid Motors’ Competitors?

Lucid Motors’ competitors are Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Rivian (NASDAQ: RIVN), Fisker (NASDAQ: FSR), and Ford (NYSE: F).

Where is Lucid Motors’ Headquarters Located?

Lucid Motors’ headquarters is located in Newark, California (USA).

Where is the Lucid Motors Factory Located?

Lucid Motors’ factory is located in Casa Grande, Arizona (USA).

How Many Employees Work at Lucid Motors?

More than 5,600 employees work at Lucid Motors.

About Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors is a luxury EV company based out of California that produces the flagship, Lucid Air electric car. We’ve chosen Lucid as one of the top EV stocks to buy right now due to its high-quality product and solid management team. My 2025 Lucid Stock Price Prediction is $125 per share because I’m bullish on the company so much.

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