Lucid (LCID) Stock Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030: $100?

My Lucid stock price prediction may shock you so keep reading to find out why I believe Lucid Motors could become the next Tesla and could make you a “Lucidnaire” by 2030 if my investment thesis becomes true.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction (2023-2050)

Here are my updated Lucid stock price predictions and targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045, and 2050.

Year Price Target
2023 $6
2024 $17
2025 $28
2026 $45
2027 $75
2028 $123
2029 $201
2030 $332
2035 $1,217
2040 $1,500
2045 $2,000
2050 $2,500


Lucid Group is an EV company that obsesses over producing the highest quality electric vehicles on the planet.

I first learned about Lucid from Marques Brownlee, the world’s most subscribed tech Youtuber, who fell in love with Lucid Air and believes the company could gain market share from Tesla with its world-class design and world-leading range.

The company went public in 2021 in a SPAC IPO deal with CCIV to trade under the ticker symbol: LCID.

The company launched its first models of the Lucid Air Dream Edition in late 2021 and began delivering vehicles to customers in Q4 2021.

Different Lucid Air Models

Lucid sells different models of the Lucid Air to target consumers with higher and lower electric car budgets.

Here is a breakdown of the 4 available Lucid Air models as of Q4 2023:

  • Lucid Air Pure: The base RWD Lucid Air model with 419-mile range starting at $77,400
  • Lucid Air Touring: The upgraded AWD Lucid Air model with 425-mile range starting at $85,900
  • Lucid Air Grand Touring: The upgraded AWD Lucid Air Touring model with pricing TBD in early 2024
  • Lucid Air Sapphire: The most expensive EV with 1,234 horsepower and 520 range starting at $249,000

In Q4 2023, Lucid unveiled the Lucid Gravity SUV as the company’s latest electric vehicle. The company will begin producing the Gravity SUV in 2024.

Why I’m So Bullish on Lucid Motors

Lucid Group CEO Peter Rawlinson previously worked on the Tesla Model S and has an ambitious goal to scale Lucid into nearly 500,000 EVs produced annually over the next few years.

The AMP-1 Lucid factory in Arizona is fully functional and produces 100% of the company’s vehicles at the moment.

The AMP-2 Lucid Saudi factory was completed with an initial production volume of 5,000 EVs that can scale to 150,000 electric vehicles annually.

The company is backed heavily by the Saudi PIF and will help Saudi Arabia diversify its investment portfolio away from oil & gas holdings into renewable energy.

The bull and bear case for Lucid is huge but so is the opportunity to disrupt the electric vehicle industry and become the 2nd most valuable EV stock behind Tesla.

Lucid has superior EV range and technology compared to Tesla and I expect LCID stock to achieve a CAGR of 60% over the next 7 years. I truly believe that buying Lucid stock could be like buying Tesla’s IPO in 2010.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2023

Lucid Stock Forecast for 2023

  • 2023 looks like the bottom for LCID shares. The company plans to produce 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles by the end of the year.
  • The company took some important cost-cutting measures by reducing the Lucid Air lineup from 5 to 4 and giving customers the option to fully customize their Lucid Air EV.
  • If luxury EV consumption rises significantly and there is an increase in reservations due to word of mouth, LCID could potentially reach the upper range in Q4 2023.
  • On the other hand, if there is increased cash burn and slowing demand, it could pose a bottleneck on revenue growth, affecting LCID’s price target in the future.
  • Lucid Group (LCID) was removed from the NASDAQ 100 effective on December 18th, 2023 so expect a brief selloff as fund managers dump LCID stock to rebalance their funds.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2024

Lucid Stock Forecast 2024

  • Lucid should scale to over 20,000 annual deliveries and will also decide on whether the company should build a Chinese factory to help compete with Tesla in the world’s largest EV market. Production for Project Gravity may begin with its first few vehicles as well.
  • Lucid may move closer to achieving profitability and achieving positive EBITDA. If the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates then demand for EV stocks should increase due to a potential tech stock boom.
  • However, Lucid may continue facing challenges with profitability and issue more shares to raise capital, which could cause share dilution.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2025

Lucid Stock Forecast 2025

  • 2025 is a huge year for Lucid in my opinion. The company will begin deliveries from its Saudi factory at scale and could compete with the China factory. I also expect the Lucid Project gravity SUV to become a huge revenue generator for the company.
  • LCID may rise significantly and come close to reaching its all-time high, giving hope to many LCID shareholders who were previously at a loss.
  • Lucid may reach positive EBITDA for the first time, causing the LCID stock to surge past $100 for the first time in history.
  • However, even though there is a spike in capital expenditures, the entry of new competitors into the EV market may lead to a slowdown in demand.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2026

Lucid Stock Forecast 2026

  • Lucid stock may approach the $150 billion market cap level and be considered for S&P 500 inclusion. S&P 500 inclusion would force institutional managers to buy LCID stock to rebalance their funds.
  • LCID stock may soar as the company maxes out production at its Saudi and China factories. Project Gravity SUV is a huge revenue boost for the company.
  • On the other hand, Lucid may delay Project Gravity SUV deliveries and fail to receive S&P 500 inclusion.
  • By 2026, Lucid may be considered the “iPhone of EVs” all around the world.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2027

Lucid Stock Forecast 2027

  • If Lucid becomes profitable during this year then operating margins will improve and the company can offer cheaper Lucid Air Pure models to further increase sales.
  • Most consumers will look for electric cars and Lucid may still be considered the #1 overall EV maker in terms of quality.
  • Retail and institutional investors may buy up LCID stock once the company becomes profitable and send LCID stock to all-time highs.
  • On the other hand, Lucid may delay profitability another year or so but revenue growth will remain strong.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2028

Lucid Stock Forecast 2028

  • Crossing the $500 billion milestone will be a huge sign of relief for Lucid investors.
  • Many LCID investors will look back on the days when LCID stock was under $10 and wish they bought more shares.
  • LCID bulls may take over as the company exceeds $50 billion in annual revenue.
  • On the other hand, Lucid revenue may increase but further EV competition is hurting YOY sales growth.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2029

Lucid Stock Forecast 2029

  • Lucid stock may be 50x from its initial SPAC value and hit the $750 billion market cap.
  • It could be a strange year for Lucid Motors. EV competition will become fierce as governments ban the sale of ICE vehicles in the future.
  • Investors will pile into the best EV stocks as a way to gain a safe investment return.
  • On the other hand, Lucid may struggle to gain market share despite delivering nearly 700,000 EVs annually

LCID Stock Price Prediction 2030

Lucid Stock Forecast 2030

  • 2030 may be a huge bullish year for LCID stock. The company could hit the $1 trillion market cap milestone and become one of the best tech stock investments of all time.
  • If LCID stock hits our $879 price target then that’s an 87x gain in just 7 years. My Lucid delivery estimate in 2030 is 1,000,000 EVs annually.
  • Lucid may generate a ton of net income and free cash flow thanks to its growing EV sales and energy storage business.
  • This could also be the year that Lucid Millionaires start appearing all over the place for being early investors in the company during its darkest days. It may be possible to retire on Lucid stock by holding your shares and selling covered calls out of the money to generate monthly income.
  • On the other hand, LCID stock may barely exceed the $1 trillion market cap, which gives investors a solid 50x gain from its current price.

Lucid Stock Price Prediction Beyond 2030: 2040 and 2050

It’s tough to predict what will happen nearly 8 years in advance for Lucid Motors. However, I do think several things could happen on key milestones such as 2040 and 2050.

The world will look extremely different as Millennials and Gen Z embrace EV technology and inherit trillions of dollars in wealth from the older generations.

Lucid Stock Fair Market Valuation

Lucid is in a tough situation now with all of the negative news surrounding the company. With only a 10k production estimate for 2023 and heavy cash burn, I understand why many Lucid bulls have sold and run for cover.

However, Lucid is still in startup mode and will benefit from scaled production once all of its EV factories are ramped up.

10,000 deliveries at an average cost of $100,000 per vehicle equals $1 billion in projected revenue for 2023.

Using Tesla’s industry-leading Price-to-sales ratio of 8, Lucid stock remains a bit expensive at the moment.

At a $11 billion market cap, Lucid’s forward P/S ratio sits around 12. Buying LCID stock under $10 looks like an extremely attractive entry point for long-term Lucid investors.

Lucid Stock Risk Factors

I shared much of the good news surrounding Lucid Group but we must address several headwinds and potential roadblocks that could stop Lucid from taking market share in the global EV market.

  • High Cash Burn: Lucid is a huge cash burn company at the moment with no profits. That’s not a good sign for LCID’s short-term stock price. Many EV investors could shy away from LCID stock in favor of Tesla due to its strong earnings growth. Tesla earns more net income than Ford and GM combined. Lucid has amazing promise but there is no denying several risk factors could hurt the stock price over the next few quarters.
  • Recessionary Concerns: The United States may enter a recession and growth stocks are trading much lower at the moment. We must account for a realistic stock market rebound and renewed consumer spending once things improve.
  • Lack of Cash on Hand in 2026: Lucid holds $6+ billion in cash on its balance sheet with a $1.1 billion annual capital expenditure cost. That means the company will be fully funded well into 2025. It’s not exactly clear if Lucid Motors will run out of cash in 2026 but management didn’t seem worried about it.

Will The Saudi PIF Buyout Lucid?

The Saudi PIF increased its stake in Lucid to over 60% with a $1.8 billion capital infusion at $6.83 during Q2 2023.

It’s possible that the PIF’s affiliate Ayar Third Investment wants to fully buy out LCID common shareholders and take the company private.

Final Thoughts on Lucid Motors Stock

  • LCID is one of the largest holdings in my growth portfolio because I don’t see any other growth stock under $10 with the same amount of upside.
  • LCID’s stock price could fluctuate heavily in the short run but I’m taking a 3 to 5-year outlook on the company’s growth. It will be difficult to stomach the sub-$10 LCID stock price though.
  • DYOR and I hope this LCID stock price prediction analysis will help you make the right decision in regards to investing in Lucid Group shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will Lucid stock price be in 2025?

LCID stock could trade around $54 in 2025 if the company continues to deliver EVs and keep control of rising costs.

What will Lucid’s stock price be in 2030?

LCID stock could trade just under $900 at around $897 per share. The company will hit over 1,000,000 annual deliveries by then and become highly profitable.

Is Lucid stock a buy, sell, or hold?

LCID stock is a BUY in my opinion because it currently trades near its initial SPAC level and has a lot of institutional investors backing the company.

Will Lucid stock go back to $60?

LCID stock could return back to the $60 range by 2026 or earlier. Stocks trade based on earnings so it may take a while. However, a Lucid short squeeze could send LCID stock around $60 in a hurry but don’t expect the share price to hold up for long.

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  1. David J Galuhn says:

    In perspective, if $14K was invested in Tesla 5 years ago, it would be worth approximately $186k today. However, this was a different time and economic conditions were vastly different. Tesla then was a pioneer in the industry, today with significant competition, market volatility has softened. The least expensive EV currently is about $25K. It’s fine for production to increase but, if unit price does not significantly come down, Lucid’s will only be afforded by the very wealthy. With growing competition, entering the market, this could be a problem.

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