Is Litecoin Dead in 2024?

No. Litecoin isn’t dead but LTC investors shouldn’t expect massive gains until the 2024 crypto bull market starts after the next Bitcoin Halving.

What’s Going on with Litecoin?

Litecoin is the 2nd oldest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin but hasn’t done much over the last 5 years compared to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is up 316% while Litecoin is down -2% since September 2018.

While I hold the majority of my crypto holdings in Bitcoin, I hold Litecoin in my crypto portfolio just in case the fledging altcoin makes a comeback. However, many crypto investors believe Litecoin is dead and will never make a comeback.

Is Litecoin Dead?

Litecoin peaked at nearly $400 during 2 separate bull runs in 2017 and 2021. It’s possible that LTC could make a comeback if the crypto bear market recovers and returns to previous 2021 crypto highs.

I don’t believe Litecoin is “dead” but realize it’s ridiculous to prioritize Litecoin over Bitcoin or Ethereum. The truth is that Litecoin is nothing more than a fork of Bitcoin that has 4x the total max supply.

When Litecoin founder Charlie Lee created Litecoin, he wanted a faster version of Bitcoin that processed transactions at a greater speed. The problem is that Bitcoin’s lightning network can perform transactions within seconds for an extremely low fee. That makes Litecoin less useful moving forward in my opinion.

Litecoin Price Prediction

My research shows Litecoin could hit $5,000 by 2025 as the next crypto bull run heats up. Check out my Litecoin price prediction article for more LTC technical and fundamental analysis.


I don’t think Litecoin is dead but the oldest altcoin may have already seen its best days. It would e epic to see LTC return to its previous $400 during the next crypto bull run. I’m still HODLing 10% of my crypto portfolio in LTC just in case.

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