How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Parents

Are you struggling to explain Bitcoin and its benefits to your parents? God knows I’ve tried countless times to explain Bitcoin’s amazing properties to my Baby Boomer Mom and Dad.

While they still haven’t purchased any Bitcoin yet, I have convinced them to invest in crypto stocks such as Coinbase and even purchase a book on blockchain technology.

Here are the most important points to mention when you try to explain Bitcoin to your older, uninformed parents.

Bitcoin is like Digital Gold

Gold is ancient biblical money that served as the most popular method of value exchange for goods & services up until modern times. The wonderful properties of Gold make it the perfect money if you lived during or before the 20th century.

Now, the 21st century is here and we live in a digital world. Social media, e-mail, live streaming, and smartphones have become a dominant force in our modern day lifestyles.

If everything else has become digital then why not digitalize Gold and make it easy to send anywhere within seconds?

Bitcoin is the digital form of gold that mimics the fixed amount of Gold above and within the earth’s crust. It’s limited to a supply of 21 million coins to make it rare and scarce.

We cannot easily carry or send Gold so Bitcoin is the perfect form of money for 21st-century living.

Bitcoin is Similar to Email

Older millennials like myself remember the days of writing a letter to your girlfriend or penpal and sending it in the mail.

E-mail replaced physical letters as the preferred method of general communication in the 21st century because it’s fast and saves time. You can even consider texting a short form of e-mail that is perfect for sending quick messages to another person.

Bitcoin is similar to e-mail/texting because it allows someone to send money to anyone in the world quickly and easily.

Bitcoin Makes It Easy to Send Money 24/7/365

Life waits for no one and there are times when you need money in a hurry. Traditional banks operate on fixed schedules and close on the weekends during non-peak business hours.

Bitcoin solves this problem and provides a digital savings account in cyberspace that is accessible 24/7/365. You don’t need to call a bank representative or wait until normal business hours to conduct business.

Bitcoin has 99% uptime and provides a 100% decentralized bank to anyone who wants to use it regardless of race, gender, nationality, age, or education.


It would take hours to explain all the amazing benefits of Bitcoin but unfortunately, your parents will become impatient and plead with you to stop drilling them on Bitcoin after a while.

Stick to the main points and encourage them to buy Bitcoin as a hedge against the declining value of fiat currencies. You may help your family survive the upcoming financial crisis if they HODL Bitcoin through hard times. Don’t give up on them and stay stacking sats!

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