21 Pieces of Advice After 4+ Years Investing in Crypto

I bought my first cryptocurrency in 2019 after learning about Bitcoin during my trip to Thailand. Here are some pieces of advice for newbies/beginners that I learned after 4+ years as a crypto investor.

  1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Bitcoin is the safest long-term investment for newbies.
  3. 99% of altcoins will go to zero.
  4. Do not spend your crypto on depreciating assets.
  5. Focus on accumulating more coins not the price in USD.
  6. Read the whitepaper before investing in any crypto.
  7. Give your crypto investments time to bear fruit.
  8. Understand how the 4 Year Bitcoin Halving Cycle drives the crypto market
  9. Do not waste time trying to convert your friends and family. Tell them once and let inflation make them realize why crypto was invented.
  10. Seek a romantic partner who is pro-crypto.
  11. Never use 2FA SIM protection on your exchange account but use 2FA Authenticator app or security key instead.
  12. Do not click any crypto links in your email. Type in the domain manually or open the app on your phone.
  13. Never store your private keys where someone living with you can find them.
  14. Be consistent with your DCA strategy. Slow and steady wins the race.
  15. Store your crypto in cold storage for maximum protection.
  16. If it’s screenshot worthy then it’s worth selling.
  17. Saving crypto is easier than saving fiat money. Make crypto your savings account if you’re always broke.
  18. Get paid in crypto if your employer offers it.
  19. Make it difficult to spend your Bitcoin because you will regret it in the future.
  20. Follow popular crypto news websites and blogs. Immerse yourself in the industry.
  21. Have fun and enjoy the journey. When you’re having fun is when you stay committed over the long run.

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