How to Buy Jollibee Stock (JBFCF)

Jollibee Foods Corporation is a large international chain of fast food restaurants based in the Philippines. The company was founded in 1978 and currently has over 1,300 stores around the world.
Why invest in Jollibee stock? The company has ramped up its international expansion plan by opening over 500 stores so far in 2019.

The stock currently trades on the Philippines Stock exchange under the Symbol (JFC) for Filipino investors.

It also trades on the OTC under two different symbols: JBFCF and JBFCY. What is the the difference between JBFCF vs JBFCY?

JBFCF is the OTC stock for direct ownership in Jollibee. JBFCY is an unsponsored ADR that represents 4.5 shares of JBFCF stock.

1. Open a Brokerage Account

Opening a brokerage account is the first step to investing in Jollibee Foods Corporation. You can place stock trades easily online using your mobile phone and invest in Jollibee shares.

Here are some broker recommendations for Filipino and international investors:

  • For Filipino Citizens: BDO Nomura and Philstocks
  • For Non-Filipino Citizens (US and International): Fidelity and AllyInvest

Opening a new brokerage account requires a bit of paperwork to finalize everything. You’ll need things like a government-issued ID, checking account for depositing funds, and permanent home address to confirm your identity.

Most brokerage accounts get setup within a few business days. In this article, I’ll show you to buy Jollibee stock with Fidelity.

2. Decide How Much You Want to Invest

Depending on your budget, you need to figure out how much you want to invest. You can start out with as little as $100 for starters or purchase 100 shares aka a round lot.

It’s best to continue investing on a regular basis in Jollibee stock without trying to time the market.Dollar cost averaging is a smart way to increase your holdings over time without worrying about market swings.

3. Buy Jollibee Shares on the OTC or Phillipines Stock Exchange

If you live in the Philippines, you can purchase your shares using your Philippines broker on the Philippines stock exchange. The normal trading hours are 9:30 AM to 3:30pm.

If you live outside the Philippines, you can purchase Jollibee shares OTC during normal trading hours 9:30am to 4pm EST.

There are two types of trades you can place: a market or limit order.

A market order will purchase the shares directly from the market regardless of the price. Jollibee is a relatively low volume stock so you don’t have to worry about huge price swings.

A limit order allows you to set a maximum price you will pay and this is the recommended order for most brokers since Jollibee is a fairly illiquid stock.

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