How to Buy Gold Bullion Bars

Gold is the oldest form of money and exchange known to man. As the central banks continue to print more fiat money without concern for hyperinflation, more investors seek out gold to preserve their capital and wealth.

Gold Bars are the preferred method of gold ownership for investors and private holders. They come in various sizes and weights: from as small as 1 gram to larger 10 oz bars.

Different Gold Mints

While there are dozens of different mints that product gold bullion bars, I only have experience with a few that I highly recommended and trust.

The problem with less popular mints is lower liquidity, making it hard to sell your gold bars when you need the money.

Stick to the larger, more well known mints especially if you are a first time gold buyer.


APMEX Gold bars and rounds are manufactured by the Sunshine Mint and are guaranteed to be .9999+ fine. We have products available in sizes ranging from 1 gram Gold bars up to 1 oz Gold rounds, so there are options for any budget!

Austrian Mint

Backed by the well known Austrian Mint, these Gold bars are guaranteed .9999 pure. Each pure Gold bar is stamped with its exact weight and Gold purity and bears the Austrian Mint logo. Additionally, each bar is marked with a unique serial number for further guarantee.

Credit Suisse

Backed by the world renowned Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland, these conveniently sized Gold bars and rounds are guaranteed .9999 pure. Each bar and round is stamped with its exact weight and Gold purity and bears the Credit Suisse logo, an internationally recognized symbol of quality and sound provenance.

Instanbul Gold Refinery

Istanbul Gold Refinery was the first official refinery to be listed on the Istanbul Gold Exchange and authorized by the Turkish Treasury. IGR Gold bullion is certified by the London Bullion Market Association so it can be traded in global markets without question regarding its weight and purity.

Johnson Matthey

Featuring only Johnson Matthey Gold Bars. Johnson Matthey is universally accepted around the world and has a reputation that is second to none for quality and trustworthiness.

Pamp Suisse

Pamp Suisse is a worldwide refiner and marketer of precious metals. Pamp Suisse Gold bars are die-struck bars that feature the attractive “Fortuna” portrait common among the company’s bullion products. Pamp Suisse Gold Bars are guaranteed to be .9999 fine.

Perth Mint

Perth Mint is the oldest existing Australian mint and has always specialized in Precious Metals, particularly Gold. The Perth Mint’s beautiful Gold bars are meticulously struck from 99.99% pure Gold and each bar bears the Mint’s distinctive logo – a majestic swan – on the front. The back of each bar is decorated with a motif of kangaroos, symbols of the Australian outback where Gold has been mined in commercial quantities since 1851.

Royal Canadian Mint

Recognized instantly throughout the world, the Royal Canadian Mint gold bars are .9999 pure and guaranteed by the Government of Canada. Each bar comes stamped with its exact weight and purity and bears the hallmark of the world-famous Royal Canadian Mint.

Sunshine Mint

Sunshine Minting Gold Bars and Rounds are manufactured by the Sunshine Mint and are guaranteed to be .9999+ fine. Each bar boasts a brand new security feature, MintMark SI™, to help you authenticate the origin and .9999 fine purity of your Gold bar. This new feature is on the reverse of the bar among a repeating pattern of rising suns. When viewed through Sunshine Minting’s special decoder lens at one angle, the central design shows the word “Valid,” but when you turn the decoder lens 90 degrees, a sunburst appears.

Where can I buy gold bullion bars locally?

Each method has its own pros and cons. Personally, I recommend first time buyers go to a local gold & silver shop to see up close what gold bullion looks and feels like.

United States Residents

If you live in the United States, then use JM Bullion to find a local gold & silver shop near you.

Where to Buy Gold Bars Online Safely

Buying gold online caries much greater risk because there are lots of gold scammers online who purchase fake gold bullion from Chinese websites like Alibaba then sell it on websites like eBay.

When I make larger purchases (more than $250), I always turn to Apmex. Apmex also sells gold on eBay and you can save a few bucks on shipping too!

Cheapest Place to Buy Gold Online: eBay

Most gold bullion dealers charge higher spot premiums and extra for shipping and handling. The cheapest way to build gold bullion online is through eBay. However, I wouldn’t recommend buying from just anyone.

Here are 3 eBay gold dealers that I have used and highly recommend.

Pinehurst Coin Exchange, Inc. (PCE, Inc.) is one of the nations largest distributors of modern certified coins and a leading Precious Metals broker. They are based out of Pinehurst, North Carolina USA.

Modern Coin Mart employs 35 professionals in total, which includes nine seasoned numismatists with over 225 years combined total experience collecting and dealing in coins & bullion. They are based out of Sarasota, Florida USA.

A very large bullion dealer based out of New York City, New York USA.

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