Ben Armstrong (aka Bitboy Crypto) Net Worth

Ben Armstrong (formerly known as Bitboy Crypto) is a Youtuber and crypto influence with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

He holds several crypto assets under his personal name and former employer, Hit Networks.

Ben Armstrong Bio

Full Name Benjamin Charles Armstrong
Nickname Bitboy Crypto
Source of Wealth Youtube and Crypto
Age 40
Gender Male
Date of Birth N/A
Martial Status Married
No. of Children 3
Nationality American
Height 5’10
Weight 200 lbs

Ben Armstrong Crypto Portfolio

Ben Armstrong claims he “lost everything” after being fired from Hit Networks for abusive behavior and substance abuse. However, I tracked down a few crypto wallets belonging to him holding a lot of Ethereum and XRP.

According to Etherscan, Ben Armstrong held as much as 40 ETH before transferring 38 ETH to an unknown wallet address.

Ben Armstrong’s Other Investments

Ben regularly records videos from his home so I assume he owns at least 1 real estate property in Georgia.

The Downfall of BItboy Crypto

I estimate Ben Armstrong had a net worth of over $100 million at the peak of his powers until he was fired from his own company in August 2023.

He made several key errors during his downfall including:

  • Bringing in new business partners such as TJ, Justin, and Carlos Diaz
  • Having an affair with Bitboy Crypto’s co-founder Cassandra Wolfe
  • Not getting help for his substance addiction
  • Showing off his wealth on social media by riding around in a Lambo

When Ben Armstrong lost everything after his dismissal, he kept ties with Cassandra Wolfe even though he admitted to cheating on his wife with her.

On August 25th, 2023, Ben Armstrong was arrested in Georgia after filming a Youtube live stream in front of Carlos Diaz’s house.

He was charged with two misdemeanors: 1 count of loitering/prowling and 1 count of Simple assault by placing another in fear.

It hurts to watch Ben Armstrong lose everything, including his freedom, but hopefully we learn a few key lessons from the downfall of Bitboy Crypto.

Lessons Learned from Ben Armstrong’s Downfall

  • Trust No One: The modern world is cruel, and many bad people are looking to take your hard-earned money. Don’t trust anyone and always be careful of new “friends’ during your rise to fame and fortune.
  • Pay Yourself First: Don’t keep all of your assets under your business. Pay Yourself first and keep some money stashed away for a rainy day.
  • Practice Sexual Transmutation: Ben Armstrong’s affair with Cassandra Wolfe contributed a lot to the downfall of Bitboy Crypto. Women are a gift from God but they come at an expensive cost. Use sexual transmutation to break free from lust and redirect that energy to other things like work, business, or your family.
  • Ignore What Can’t Hurt You: Ben Armstrong responded to personal attacks by lashing out and it got him arrested. Weaker people will attack powerful individuals to gain wealth and power. Ignore people who cannot harm you so they don’t steal your hard earned resources.

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