BBBY Short Squeeze: Is Bed Bath & Beyond Stock a Buy?

I spend a lot of time researching the best stocks to buy for my readers and right now BBBY stock is my #1 favorite YOLO stock to buy.

Here is a complete breakdown of my research and thoughts on why BBBY stock is a strong buy at these price levels.

Top Reasons to Buy BBBY Stock

  1. BBBY has a 47% short interest with over 28+ million shares being sold short
  2. Ryan Cohen bought a 9.8% stake in BBBY back in March 2022 (the same guy that bought GME stock and turned the company around).
  3. Bed, Bath, and Beyond generates over $7 billion in annual revenue but the market cap is only ~$800 million
  4. Bed, Bath, and Beyond fired its CEO and plans to offload underperforming assets.
  5. Gamestop (GME) went from $4 to $400 and it’s possible BBBY stock could follow a similar path.
  6. BBBY stock is an opportunity for every retail investor to get rich and retire early!

Will BBBY Squeeze?

A short squeeze is likely to happen if things continue a similar path like Gamestop (GME).

  • BBBY stock is one of the most shorted stocks on Wall Street with a near 50% short interest.
  • Short sellers must buy back BBBY shares to cover their position. The more BBBY stock pumps, the more money they lose.
  • GME stock squeezed during the colder months of January in 2021. It’s possible that BBBY stock could squeeze because more people will be indoors trading to avoid the Monkeypox outbreak.
  • Massive volume is needed for a squeeze to occur. BBBY stock has the potential to squeeze like GME if volume spikes to hundreds of millions of shares traded.

How High Will BBBY Stock Go?

My BBBY price target for 2023 is $250 per share. I believe BBBY stock has 25x upside due to its squeeze potential and current assets on its balance sheet.

Ryan Cohen bought an absurd amount of Jan 23 calls at the $60, $65, $70, $75, and $80 strike prices.

He also owns 7.8 million BBBY shares long with an average purchase price of around $15. Cohen is the largest individual shareholder of Apple (AAPL) and has the potential to send BBBY stock to the moon with his activist investor mindset.

We believe BBBY stock is Gamestop 2.0 and opened a BBBY position consisting of both long shares and calls.

BBBY Exit Strategy

Take profits once BBBY soars to the moon. GME stock soared to $400 then crashed after the pump was over. BBBY is a YOLO stock and you should focus on making gains and booking profits.

Don’t get too greedy once we soar to the moon. Be fearful when others are greedy and sell near the top.

Selling anywhere from $200 to $400 will maximize your gains.


BBBY stock could soar to as high as $400 just like Gamestop did in January 2021. I’m loading up on BBBY shares as well as Jan 23 calls to profit from this runup.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Andy Bobandy says:

    Seems like a solid play to me, especially w/ impending news about a possible spin-off of Buy Buy Baby due within a couple weeks. Already loaded the boat on shares in the $8-$10 range. Ryan Cohen is the man!

  2. Bobby Shmurda says:

    yes, time to full retard

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