Adam Enfroy Net Worth (2024)

What is Adam Enfroy’s Net Worth?

As of June 2024, Adam Enfroy’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million. At only 36 years old, Enfroy is one of the world’s most successful self-made millionaire bloggers.

Net Worth $14 million
Age 36
Born September 11, 1987
Place of Birth Southfield, Michigan (USA)
Relationship Status Married
Children None
Nationality American
Source of Wealth Blogging


Adam Enfroy, an American blogger and entrepreneur, has made a name for himself in the blogging world, earning over $400,000 per month.

Early Life

Adam Enfroy was born on September 11th, 1987 in Southfield, Michigan. He grew up in a middle-class family just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

During Adam Enfroy’s early education, he was placed in a specialized class for gifted students. However, this placement came with the unintended consequence of being ostracized from his peers and subject to bullying. Consequently, Adam developed a deep desire to avoid conflict and fit in at all costs.

As a teenager, Adam coped with the pressure to conform through alcohol consumption. While he found that this allowed him to fit in more easily, it ultimately led to unhealthy habits and a lack of direction in his life.

He studied video and audio production at Michigan State University.

Despite achieving academic success in the early years of his college career, Adam’s poor coping mechanisms caught up with him. By the time he reached his senior year, he was unsure of his path and graduated with both an alcohol problem and student debt, with little direction as to how to apply for his degree.

Upon returning to his hometown, Adam took a low-paying job at a pizza restaurant. Although he initially resigned himself to this fate, he eventually decided to chart a new course for his future.


Unable to use his degree, Adam Enfroy decided to teach himself everything about the digital world, including SEO, PPC, and Facebook Ads. To enhance his resume, he earned certifications and secured his first marketing job at an agency.

In the early stages of his career, Adam realized that technical knowledge alone wasn’t enough to get ahead. Instead, he found that social skills played a crucial role in office politics, which mirrored the social situations he had learned to navigate as a child.

Through his experiences, he gained a deeper understanding of himself and came to appreciate the value of building personal connections. He recognized that human connection was essential and that there was nothing to fear in life.

His ability to connect with others ultimately became his greatest strength, which he attributed to a gift from his childhood. Over the course of five years, he was promoted to six different roles, managing digital teams at an agency and leading marketing for prominent e-commerce brands. Eventually, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he became the head of digital marketing for BigCommerce.

Enfroy took a job as an affiliate manager at Bigcommerce, a SaaS e-commerce company. He was quickly promoted to Head of Digital Marketing but decided to quit and start his own digital media company.

Enfroy made his claim to fame by ranking his blog posts in Google for extremely lucrative keywords. He earns as much as $13,000 per month from just a single blog post, according to his Youtube channel.

Source of Wealth

Company Valuation
Adam Enfroy Ventures LLC (Parent of $14 million

The majority of Enfroy’s wealth comes from his blog,

Enfroy launched his blog in 2019 and writes about running a successful online business catered to the B2B niche. His website posts articles on blogging, e-commerce stores, online software, and small business development. grew its annual revenue to $4.5 million in 2022 (Up 200% YoY).

Here is a breakdown of his blog’s revenue growth:

  • 2019: $200,000
  • 2020: $800,000
  • 2021: $1,500,000
  • 2022: $4,500,000 is run by a CEO and currently has 12 full-time employees. Enfroy’s blog maintains a 90% profit margin and allows him to reinvest his earnings into other investments such as stock and real estate.

According to Enfroy, his success began with his decision to narrow down and focus on a specific topic: teaching people how to start a blog. He created in-depth guides and tutorials that provided value to his readers, and his audience began to grow.

Enfroy also invested in high-quality content and SEO strategies, ensuring that his blog was easily discoverable and ranked highly in search results. He built a strong email list and utilized social media to promote his content and connect with his audience.

But perhaps the most important factor in Enfroy’s success was his willingness to learn and adapt. He constantly analyzed his data and made adjustments to his strategy as needed, always looking for ways to improve his blog and grow his income. Website Valation

He claims to earn $400,000 in monthly gross income so we used a standard 35x monthly revenue multiplier to come up with a realistic valuation.

Enfroy also invests in the stock market and real estate to diversify his investment portfolio. He never publicly disclosed any of his holdings but investors could purchase a broad based index fund like VOO to invest in the stock market too.

Income Sources

According to AshandPri, Enfroy earns his massive monthly income from 4 major income sources:

  • Affiliate revenue
  • Ads
  • Sponsorships
  • Course sales

Affiliate Revenue

The majority of his income comes from affiliate revenue and he enjoys the consistent nature of affiliate income. Enfroy has over 300 affiliate partnerships that drive the bulk of his income.

Ad Revenue

Enfroy partnered with Mediavine to earn ad income through his blog. Mediavine allows bloggers to partner with companies and deliver targeted ads on their blogs like Google Adsense.

The downside is that Mediavine requires 50,000 verified Google Analytics sessions per month to apply to its advertising network. New bloggers could start with Adsense or Ezoic and then apply to Mediavine once they reach 50,000 Google Analytics sessions.


Companies pay Enfroy money to gain exposure on his personal blog and Youtube channel.

Course Sales

Blogging is a high-margin business with fat profit margins and low fixed costs. It will be interesting to see how far Adam Enfroy takes his business in the future.

Perhaps he will acquire other websites or scale his personal brand into other niches to further increase his income.

Blogging Lessons From Adam Enfroy

  1. Think like a business owner, not just a writer. Making money from your blog requires more than just good writing skills. You also need to have a solid understanding of digital marketing and treat your blog like a business from day one.
  2. Don’t be afraid to pivot. If you find that your blog’s niche is too narrow, it’s okay to explore new topics and ideas. Just make sure to stay focused on becoming an expert in one area while also allowing room for your blog to evolve.
  3. SEO is key! Make sure to optimize each blog post for a keyword phrase and aim to get backlinks from other reputable websites. Without proper SEO, search engines won’t take your blog seriously.
  4. Use your professional network to your advantage. Building relationships in your field can help build momentum for your blog. Don’t try to enter niches where you have no experience just for the money – it rarely works out.
  5. While writing about your passions is great, it’s important to focus on niches that are monetizable. Remember, success drives passion more than passion drives success in the world of blogging.

Business Lessons from Adam Enfroy

Here are some general business lessons you can learn from Adam Enfroy’s success story.

Study the Successful

Enfroy’s life changed forever when he took a gamble and moved from Michigan to Texas to work as an affiliate manager for BigCommerce. While at Bigcommerce, he noticed how much money affiliates were making from their blogs. That gave him the confidence to quit his job and start a blog to escape the rat race.

Successful people leave clues and you can do the same thing in your own niche or industry. Identify the biggest players then see what’s working for the.

Scale Quickly

Enfroy didn’t waste time doing everything himself so he outsourced a lot of his content creation to scale revenue quickly. He employs the same business model as and

His name is the brand but he leverages other people’s time and efforts to create high quality, outstanding blog posts that rank high in Google.

When starting out, it’s pretty fine to be a jack of all trades but don’t hesitate to scale by outsourcing tasks once revenue starts coming in.


Adam Enfroy is estimated to be worth around $14 million. He is one of the best and brightest digital marketers in the world.

Enfroy’s story shows that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and adapt, it is possible to achieve success as a blogger. By focusing on a specific niche, providing value to readers, and utilizing effective marketing strategies, anyone can build a profitable blog and make a living doing what they love.

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