Bitcoin Maximalist Definition

What is a Bitcoin Maximalist?

A Bitcoin Maximalist (aka Bitcoin Maxi) believes that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency worth owning and altcoins should be avoided. They view altcoins as a threat to the dominance of the Bitcoin network and aim to devalue all other cryptocurrencies after the oldest one, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Maximalist Argument

Bitcoin maxis argue that Bitcoin is the first and oldest crypto that was created perfect in every way to become the official currency of the internet.

In their eyes, BTC solved the global currency problem and altcoins are poor copycats of Bitcoin.

Famous Bitcoin Maximalists

Some famous Bitcoin maxis are:

  • Michael Saylor – CEO of MicroStrategy
  • Jack Dorsey – CEO of Block Inc
  • Max Kieser – Long time Bitcoin HOLDer
  • Ricardo Salinas – Mexico’s Richest Man

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