If we talk about the positive aspects of online pharmacies, then, of course, the patient will have the opportunity to buy Modafinil without leaving home. This is especially important in a pandemic, and it is a huge advantage for older people who are at risk. We present several pharmacies that you can check out if you're looking for affordable medicines online.

Payson Market Pharmacy [Rating: 5.0]
586 N Main St, Payson, UT 84651, United States | (801) 465-2343 | https://www.paysonmarket.com/shop/home

ANSWER the phone! I find it highly inappropriate that the pharmacy does not answer the phone. This has happened on several occasions. Once, a woman answered and told me to call back later because they were really busy. I also find it ludicrous that the entire pharmacy closes for lunch, really??? Payson Market Pharmacy obviously needs more staffing for their pharmacy.

I've dealt with a lot of judgemental pharmacists. The first time and all the way up until the present, like 2 years, the pharmacist at this location always knows me and always shares the positives with me instead of scoffing and having an attitude when it's time to fill my prescriptions. That's priceless, and I hope these guys stick around. Thank you.

Phar Merica [Rating: 4.4]
376 Lawndale Dr, South Salt Lake, UT 84115, United States | (801) 486-9555 | https://pharmerica.com/

To be honest, I had driven by several dozen times & had no idea it was a pharmacy & medical/dental clinic. I've only used the pharmacy. The waiting room is EXCEPTIONALLY clean & comforting. Summer & the other young lady at the pharmacy have always been helpful, polite, and professional. I pay cash for my Rxs, and the prices are extremely reasonable. I've transferred all of my business here. I like that it is local but still affordable & meets all y needs. Great job.

I love Phar Merica!!! Seriously every person I've come in contact with at the Yorkville location goes above and beyond for their customers. Thank you for making the best out of a tough situation – who wants to be on Modafinil? Nobody! But since I do need Provigil pills, I'm so glad I found a place where people greet me with a smile and always work hard to help in any situation.

Red Rock Pharmacy [Rating: 4.1]
450 900 E #150, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States | (801) 433-9500 | https://www.redrockrx.com/

I went to get purchase Modafinil today, and I am pretty afraid of needles. The pharmacist did an amazing job of distracting me and got the vaccine in me fast and painlessly! I definitely would recommend this Cherry's Pharmacy to others!

When I developed some cold symptoms last week, I decided to get tested for COVID as quickly as I could. I was happy to discover rapid testing was available at Red Rock Pharmacy, a convenient location for me in an area of Hillsborough I know well. From scheduling an appointment to the staff's pleasant and calming demeanor to the clear explanation of the procedure, follow-up, and billing, Cherry's Pharmacy really put me at ease at an anxious time.

HRx Pharmacy [Rating: 4.2]
4227 Highland Dr #6, Holladay, UT 84124, United States | (877) 401-4317 | https://www.hrxpharmacy.com/

Always have a great experience when I visit this pharmacy. Jean always goes out of her way to make sure I find what I need, and I've always felt welcomed by the rest of the staff, including Michael.

Impossible to schedule a Covid Vaccination. Their website is HORRIBLE. Suppose you attempt to call instead, no luck because impossible to update your phone number listed on your account. The BUREAUCRACY is appalling. If you call HRx Pharmacy directly, they tell you to go online or through the phone process, which leads to further frustration.