Best Online Stock Brokers for 2023

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The right online trading platform can help you to bump up your earning from online stock trading. It is thus important that you invest your money with only the best online trading platform. The list prepared below is based on a number of parameters such as specialization, low fees, and ease of use.


The platform, which was founded in 2005, is renowned for its dependable customer service and low commissions. While the platform has also invested heavily in reliable technology, the two qualities make it stand out from the crowd. The site has overwhelmingly positive reviews since it was launched. On TradeKing, users are charged $4.95 for ETF and stock trades. When users trade options, they are charged $4.95 and an additional 65 cents for each contract. The platform works great for people who trade large volumes often. However, it also works great for new traders due to the low commissions. Another benefit of this platform is that there are no account minimums.

TD Ameritrade

The platform is renowned for giving users a wide array of trading and research tools. It makes it a good site for new and experienced investors. TD Ameritrade analytical tools have been compared to those of hedge funds, Wall Street, and institutional investors. The site charges $9.99 to trade unlimited shares, ETFs, and options. There is also a $0.75 charge on each options contract. One feature that new traders will find appealing is that opening an account requires $0 balance. The platform has many physical branches throughout the U.S., which makes consultation, especially for beginning investors easy.


The site has earned a reputation as a great place for beginners. Consequently, the site has become a great starting point for people seeking to start out in the stock market. This site has a wide array of trading and investment options that range from IRA accounts to brokerage. Another benefit of using this site is that it is a great place for market research. The platform charges a $7 commission on ETFs and stock trades. With over 500 physical locations in the country, beginners can always go in for consultations.


The platform was the very first one to conduct electronic trade in the country, more than 30 years ago. The platform is also renowned for having a large network of physical branches located throughout the country. The platform prides itself in offering customers personalized services through phone conversations, live chats, and automated algorithms. The site is also renowned for offering a wide array of educational resources. The site charges between $6.99 to $9.99 on stocks and options trading. There is also a $0.75 on options contracts.


Users of this site are mostly attracted to it due to advanced technology and low commissions. The site has been highly reviewed on leading review sites since 2005. The platform has received many accolades for its reliability in options trading. The platform has been around for, which has resulted in a lot of experience. The experience it has gained over the years is clearly visible in the reliability of the platform. The site charges a commission of $4.95 for stocks, ETFs, and options with a $0.50 contract fees for options. These are among the lowest fees of any online platform. Additionally, there is no minimum amount to begin trading.

Motif Investing

The platform has earned itself a reputation for being a unique online trading platform. Its platform is based around the idea of creating different motifs for different investors. Since it was launched, the site has so far created 150 motifs for its clients. Additionally, its community of users has come up with about 180,000 motifs. The model of motif investing is awesome for people who like to center their investment on a certain concept. One of the benefits of using this site is the customizability of the motifs. Users are charged a commission of $9.95 for each motif containing thirty stocks. The platform requires a $250 minimum investment on each motif.


The platform has earned many accolades over the years. The platform is ranked as one of the best places for futures trading online. The futures trading platform of this site gives traders access to almost all the US futures exchange. Additionally, users of this platform all get access to the NYSE Liffe London and Eurex products. The platform provides clients with analytical tools, great speed, and data for efficient futures trading. The fees for this platform are $1.20 per contract per side for futures contracts and futures options. The exchanges available via this platform include COMEX, NYMEX, CFE, CBOT, CME, EURONEXT LIFFE, ICE, KCBT and NYSE LIFE U.S.


The platform is considered to among the best for online futures trading by numerous publications both online and offline. The platform runs 24/7 allowing traders to react to major events whether during the day or night. The platform is accessible from anywhere around the world. It gives users access to numerous futures exchanges globally. The site has a number of analytical tools to assist you to make correct trades. Additionally, it offers traders the option to create customizable streaming charts that assist them during trading. The site also gives trading real time new from Dow Jones and other research data updated in real time.


Eli and Jon founded the site in 2010. They wanted to give traders a platform that would be easy to use but also give its customers the best investment options possible. A quality that makes this site stand out is the user-friendly interface. The site has an automated feature that gives suggestion to investors based on their portfolio. Another great feature is its ability to rebalance your investment. It helps to keep your taxes from skyrocketing. The site charges a fee of 0.35% annually for an account with less than $10,000. A $3 flat rate is charged for accounts that do not make $100 monthly deposits or more. For accounts with over $10,000, the fees are 0.25% annually with no deposits required.


The platform is renowned for low-cost investing. The index was invented in 1975 by John Bogle to keep track of indexes like S&P 500. Although Vanguard is famous for its mutual funds, investors can also use it for CDs, ETFs, bonds, and stocks. The platform is a great place to trade since it allows you to manage all the investment from a single point. It is also a great place to move investments around without incurring tax consequences. The platform is mainly geared towards long-term investors. The site charges a $20 annual fee for accounts that have a balance below $20.


Keep in mind that these platforms also offer discounts to new members. Be sure to consider the promotional offers available when deciding on the platform to use.

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