Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy 2020

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Are you looking for the best cannabis stocks to invest in? Global legal Cannabis spending is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027 so investors are surely wondering which marijuana stocks to buy as the industry continues to grow.

Here's a few charts to illustrate this growing demand for recreational & medical marijuana products:



Marijuana stocks are a fast growing industry ever since Canada officially legalized cannabis use. Here is a list of the best cannabis stocks to invest in.

SymbolCompany NameMarket CapQuarterly Cannabis Production (in Kg)Quarterly Revenue
CRONCronos Group$4 billion1,584$10.24 million CAD
HEXOHexo Corp$1.02 billion9,804$15.9 million
TLRYTilyray$2.66 billion

Stock data updated as of August 21st, 2019

Cronos Group (Nasdaq: CHRON)

Cronos Group is a Toronto-based cultivator of medical marijuana led by CEO Mike Gorenstein. The company is global diverisifed with growth facitilies in Canada, Colombia, Israel, and Australia with over 355,500 sqft growth capacity. There are also distribution centers located in Germany and Poland to aid delivery and reduced transport costs.

Key Stats (Updated Quarterly as of Q2 2019)

  • Market Cap: $3.74 Billion
  • Revenue: $10.24 million CAD
  • Kgs of Cannabis Sold: 1,584 (Q2 2019)

(Source: MarketRealist and Yahoo! Finance)

Revenue growth is absolutely explosive for this stock yet the market has hammered shares over the last 6 months. Take a look at revenue growth over the last 6 quarters:

Kg output should improve when Cronos Group completion the construction of the Colombia and Israel production plans. In the short term, investors could get hammered since Cronos is currently trading well below its 50-day moving average.

However, long term investors should consider look at this as a good opportunity to consider purchasing shares. I'd like to see the stock below $10 before I consider opening a position.


Hexo is a Quebec based medical cannabis producer led by Sebastien G. St-Louis. The company maintains its growth facilities in Canada and plans to expand its sales in 8 US states in 2020 as well as the UK in 2021.

Key Stats (Updated Quarterly)

  • Market Cap: $975 Million
  • Revenue: $15.9 million
  • Kgs of Cannabis Sold: 9,804

(Source: Globalnewswire and Yahoo! Finance)

Hexo is probably my favorite cannabis stock on this list due to their impressive output, easy to remember brand name, and forward thinking approach in marketing their cannabis products.

Again, this is definitely a multi-year stock to watch as more people embrace the global legization of marijuana.

I like the cheap price trading around $4 and this stock could be a 10x bagger in the future.

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