Best Gold Rounds for Investing of 2020

Gold rounds are another way for gold investors to acquire gold without purchasing gold that’s been handled by bureactric governments. On average, rounds sell at lower premiums than gold bullion coins as well.

They are similar in size to gold coins but have zero currency value attached to them (due to lack of government control). Many companies such as Apmex, Johnson Matthey and other companies sell these rounds.

Best Gold Rounds

Here’s a few examples of the best gold bullion rounds:

1. Apmex Gold Rounds

Apmex is one of the best places to buy gold rounds. They sell their rounds in different sizes like: 1 gram, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1 oz. Buying these rounds on the secondary market makes the price lower than government issued gold coins. I buy from Apmex all the time and highly recommend their products.


2. Incuse Indian

The Incuse Indian gold round is a great coin for bullion investors to add to their collection.






Gold Round Buyer’s Guide & Tips

Use a Gold Weighing Scale to Verify the gold content in rounds

Gold rounds are tricky because although there is no government involvement; however, you should proceed with caution when buying rounds because there are fakes circulating around.

I recommend you purchasing a digital gold weighing scale to verify the weight and purity of any gold rounds you may purchase.

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