5 Best Bank Stocks With Rising Dividends

Bank Stocks with Rising Dividends

We put together this list of big national US bank and financial stocks with rising dividend payments. Diversifying your portfolio into the financial sector adds more stability for your holdings plus allows dividend investors to take advantage of higher yields than what checking and savings accounts are paying.


Negative interest rates mean you are losing money by putting in a low interest bearing bank so consider adding bank stocks to your portfolio for long term gains.


Top Bank Stocks with Robust Dividends

Note: EPS numbers are from Q3 2019. Data updated as of November 21, 2019.
CompanyEPS (Most recent quarter)Annual Dividend Dividend YieldYears of Rising Dividends
Bank of America (BAC)$0.56$0.722.19%5
Wells Fargo (WFC)$0.902$2.043.78%7
Suntrust Banks (STI)$1.34$2.243.15%6
PNC Financial (PNC)$2.94$4.603.03%8
JP Morgan Chase (JPM)$2.45$3.602.76%8

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