AwardWinningBrokers Launches to Help You Find the Best Broker Online released its fresh new stock brokers (and various other brokers) review site on January 6th, 2009. Here’s a quick quote from the AwardWinningBrokers’s About Us page: was launched on January 6th, 2009 to provide the public with honest customer reviews on the top online brokers. We noticed a gap in the amount of honest user generated reviews on the internet for a variety of online brokers and dealers.

AwardWinningBrokers covers the following broker categories:

  • Annuity Brokers – Online brokers who sell annuities to customers
  • Bond Brokers – Allows customers to purchase bonds through the open marketplace
  • ETF Brokers – Allows customers to purchase Exchange Traded Funds through the open marketplace
  • Forex Brokers – Allows customers to buy Foreign Exchange currency through the global marketplace
  • Mortgage Brokers – Allows prospective homebuyers to find mortgage brokers online
  • Mutual Fund Brokers – Find mutual fund companies who allow customers to buy into mutual fund investments
  • Stock Options Brokers – Find brokers who allow customers to buy options through the global exchanges
  • Stock Market Brokers – Buy Stocks through brokers on the global equity stock markets

Currently, there are over 20 brokers available for review. We will add new brokers a continuous basis as they come to our attention.

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