101 Stocks for the Future – Part 1

We all know about Wal-mart and Coca-Cola, but what about Sonic Solutions (SNIC)? Uncovering the next big fish before its stock soars will make you very wealthy, and all you have to do is a little digging.

Just imagine if we had invested in Microsoft (MSFT) back in 1986 or Google (GOOG) in 2001? These are just two examples of how small growing companies expand in a relatively short time. Microsoft returned billions to shareholders in less than 20 years.

When looking at small caps, we look for growing companies with novel products and/or services that could better serve an untapped niche market. We always conduct a global stock search to make sure we don�t miss any foreign opportunities. At the end, it only takes a little insight and careful research to pick the next winning stock for the future.