Ask How to Deal With Collection Agencies?

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Years ago my banking account was overdrawn while I was in the hospital for heart surgery. As soon as I was feeling better, I went to the bank and paid the cost and closed my account. Weeks later I received a letter from a collection agency. I wasn't feeling well at the time and was very much afraid so I sent the collection agency $50.00 just to get them off of my back until I was feeling better. This happened in the year 2000. I have the bank statement that shows that I have a zero balance. I was told that I must show them my receipt. I have written many letters and I have received many letters from many different collection agencies. Believe it or not, a collection agency is still writing me here it is 2008. I have explained to them many times what happened and that they owe me my $50.00 back. What they have done is subtracted the $50.00 from the amount that they say I owe. As I said before I still have my bank statement which I gave them a copy of. They don't seem to care. The collection agent just continues to write me. What can I do to resolve this matter? I get so up-set everytime I get a letter from them. This is really worrying me. I am stressed out.

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