Apple Vs. Microsoft: The Technology Duel

If Apple and Microsoft were to duel it out in a no holds barred fight to the end, who would win?

Let’s analyze the two technology companies and find out.

Round 1
Media players – Apple iPod vs. Microsoft Zune

Apple’s iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music. The days of carrying heavy over-sized mp3 players and clunky, inefficient mini-disc players came to an end when Apple released its first iPod back in 2001.

Its sleek look and feel makes this mp3 player a must have for teens, adults, and even senior citizens. With each generation, Apple continues to add increased storage capability and attractive features like Video Playback and digital pictures. The iPod success can only be credited to the innovative thinking of Apple, there was a void in the mp3 player market and Apple filled this void with great success. iPod Review

After witnessing the great success of the Apple iPod, Microsoft decided to take a shot at the burgeoning media player industry. The Microsoft Zune has a wider 3 inch screen and can transfer songs via wifi. When you turn Microsoft Zune on its side, it becomes an easy-to-view video screen where users can share photos, music, and other software.

One knock on Zune is its short battery life, but a reliable charger solves that problem quickly. Zune Review

The Winner: Apple
Apple’s iPod beats the Zune hands down. Apple has sold millions of these gadgets over the past 5 years, while Zune has yet to make an impact on the industry. The All-star iPod wins this round.

Round 2
Desktops – Apple iMac vs. Windows PCs

Apple’s sleek design permeates through its products lines, from media players to desktops. The first thing you’ll notice about the iMac is the crystal clear LCD screen, which has better quality than my HDTV. iMacs possess incredible storage abilities, protect your information better than any other desktop, and have a penchant for killing viruses, unlike trojan-loving PCs.

PCs are too susceptible to viruses and worms, so make sure you purchase reliable virus protection software to keep your computer safe.

Microsoft built the PC for corporate business, while Apple built its computer for personal users. Since corporate businesses spend thousands of dollars for efficient server and virus protection, their network is safe from worms and trojans. The average computer user has less efficient protection, so his or her PC must defend itself without extra help.

PCs are easier to use in IMO because they dominate the computer market, but Macs are gaining market share every month due to highly informative Apple-PC commercials like this one.
One of Apple’s infamous Apple-PC commercials:

It’s astonishing to imagine that PCs deal with over 100,000 viruses every year, yet Macs avoid damaging programs quite well.

The Winner: Apple
Think intelligently and choose personality over big business. After losing 2 PCs to viruses and internal damage, I’m leaning towards an iMac as my next computer purchase.

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