6 Best Alcohol Stocks for March 2024

Best Alcohol Stocks

Alcohol stocks are companies that manufacture and distribute a variety of alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, spirits, and liquor.

Investors looking for stocks that generate strong profits and pay dividend income should take a look at liquor and beer stocks for the following reasons:

  • These companies have strong brands and pricing power, which provides consistent cash flow.
  • Alcohol stocks perform well during economic recessions because people rarely change their drinking habits regardless of what’s going on in the world.
  • Many of these companies pay dividends and provide consistent income during retirement or periods of unemployment.

Best Alcohol Stocks

TickerCompany NameLast PriceMarket Cap
BF.BBrown Forman$60.5129.3B
STZConstellation Brands$256.0346.9B
SAMBoston Beer$378.314.6B
TAPMolson Coors Beverage$63.4012.9B

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