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With a combined reach of 1 million people per month and thousands of followers, we can create a custom campaign to share your product or brand with our highly engaged audience.

Our Audience

SourceTotal Subscribers/VisitorsMonthly Reach
InvestorTrip.com15k+ monthly unique users200k Monthly Search Impressions
Substack301 subscribers200+ views per email
Twitter830 followers5k Impressions over last 30 days
Youtube18k subscribers
SeekingAlpha3.5k followers50k monthly pageviews

Audience Demographics

Our audience is mostly male (75%) readers who live in the United States. 63% of our audiences reside in America.

Advertising Solutions for Your Brand or App

We work with 35+ brands to drive highly targeted account signups. We carefully segment our content to make sure the right advertiser is shown to the best possible potential lead.

For example, if a reader is reading an article on penny stocks then he will be shown an advertisement on trading penny stocks or penny stocks software. This means you get better quality leads that convert much higher due to the trust we’ve built over the last 16 years.


No competing with 3rd party ad networks for clicks or conversions. We use the power of blog posts, videos, tweets, newsletters, and display ads to deliver value to our audience.

Custom Written Sponsored Guest Post Advertorial to Highlight Your Brand Story

We can craft the perfect sponsored guest post or review to drive traffic and leads/signups to your website or app.

Sponsored Guest Posts

This website accepts guest posts that follow these guidelines:

  • Must be at least 400 words
  • Can contain up to 2 backlinks
  • Must be proofread and spellchecked
  • No links to low-quality or adult sites

We get a lot of guest post requests so please follow the steps outlined above and have a reasonable budget. We are looking to work with real brands not 3rd party guest post resllers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ran banner ads on this site for years but the ROI was always less than desirable. As of Q4 2023, I have decided to remove all banner ads from this site indefinitely to improve the overall reading exposure, increase pagespeed times, and eliminate the need to worry about Adsense and third-party distractions.

I recommend purchasing a native ad within content or a sponsored guest post to reach our audience in the most non-obtrusive way possible.