Crocs Stock Analysis (CROX)

Crocs Inc. (CROX) is one of America’s fastest growing companies, but there�s also something else special about Crocs, even more special than Crocs 2nd quarter earnings which doubled from their 1st quarter.

Crocs Has Immense Growth Potential

Crocs was founded in 2003 by three Boulder, Colorado residents and has since then experienced huge growth in only 3 years. We�re talking immense growth here, the type of growth that firms only dream of. Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself.

  • 138% Year over Year 1st quarter EPS growth
  • 215% Year over Year 2nd quarter EPS growth
  • 54.7% Gross Margins
  • 4.3 Current Ratio
  • 0.02 Debt to Equity Ratio

Crocs numbers are absolutely staggering and have likely left many investors wondering if �those blue rubber shoes really had any buyers. In fact, Crocs footwear has quickly become a respected trademark in the footwear industry. The same industry that Nike and Reebok have dominated for years with only K-swiss (are they still in business?) to worry about. Crocs will monetize their footwear well, we know this, but they also possess another trick up their sleeve.

The Diverse Crocs Business Model

Croc doesn’t only sell shoes; Footwear is just part of their repertoire. Crocs, Inc. sells t-shirts, socks, hats, glasses, collegiate gear, and, yes even, orthopedic shoes for diabetics and the elderly. All of this expansion took place in only 3 years. Even with all the new products, Crocs continues to keep costs low by developing the shoes in their own production plants. Instead of following the Nike production model which thrives on exploitation in developing countries, Crocs completes the dirty work themselves without manipulating foreign labor laws. A company that produces new desirable products fast and inexpensively without causing social hysteria is a dream to every investor.

Well look no further, Crocs has granted your wish. Keep CROX shares on the radar. I expect big things from this alligator.


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