7 Tips on How to Make the DigStock Homepage

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For bloggers who want their content listed on the front page of DigStock, here are a few tips that will enhance your efforts:

1. Use Numbers in your post titles.
Headlines containing numbers get front paged more often than those that do not. Numbers enhance reading ease and increase page clicks.

2. Mention top celebrities in your posts.
Two out of the top four articles for the month feature Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and CNBC Mad Money's Jim Cramer, so start making reference to the big guys.

3. Submit Articles Frequently.
Regular users can take advantage of the site's relatively small member base and get their submissions front paged by submitting more frequently. But don't just submit your own content exclusively, also submit other sources to improve the bookmarking experience for the entire community.

4. Target A Specific Stock Industry.
Only posting articles in a specific industry or sector can boost your reputation as a market authority. Target a list of stocks and stick with them.

5. Submit high quality content.
As with any social bookmarking web page, members who submit high quality content dominate the majority of clicks and front page listings. If you build a reputation for only submitting the best, users will continue to soak up your submissions. Make quality submissions your number one priority.

6. Relate your Post with a stock symbol.
It will help users find your listing more easily because it's related to a stock symbol that people will search for.

7. Search the Front Page RSS Feed for Post title and description ideas.
Subscribe to their Post's feed and take note of which titles and descriptions are most effective at reaching the front page. Monitor, Analyze, and Act on your findings.

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