5 Ways to Get More Readers To Your Blog

The first few weeks after the launch of your website are exciting. The buzz surrounding getting your own presence on the web is exhilarating, and understandably so. You got your own domain, found your hosting service through a FatCow hosting review, got a custom header and logo and even wrote your first few articles.

But if often goes downhill from there – the hard work not being rewarded by a flurry of visitors is frustrating at best and downright depressing at the worst of times.

Getting more readers to your website is a problem that faces every single blog owner or website marketing manager, from small local concerns to major multinational corporations. If you’ve found your visitor numbers underwhelming, try the following 5 methods to jumpstart your online efforts.

Add Share Buttons

Social sharing is the new word of mouth. And that’s why you need Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, as well as a range of other sharing buttons on your website to facilitate existing readers telling others about your blog. There are plenty of plugins out there that do this for free and don’t require any technical knowledge.

Be Active on Social Media

Blogs that don’t engage on Facebook or Twitter have a limited life span. It’s simply not viable to ignore the huge chunk of potential readers that these social platforms offer. Many people search Twitter for new resources over Google, so it’s worth putting yourself out there!

Search Engine Optimisation

Head over to Google Planner and find keywords that are related to your industry. Check out which are less competitive than others and try and cater your content to that. A light amount of SEO on smaller keywords can often be the difference between hundreds of daily visitors and the odd punter hitting your website.

Invest in Adwords

If your blog is your bread and butter and main income source, then waiting for your long-term strategies to work may not be an option. That’s where Adwords comes in. The Google advertising program can literally provide thousands of hits to your website on a daily basis.

Of course, you have to bear in mind that this requires a marketing budget on your part. However, if you can ascertain the value of each new customer hitting your website it’s possible to get a very healthy ROI on Adwords campaigns.

Offer Value

Finally, keep in mind that while you can throw as many marketing dollars as you want at your marketing campaigns, if you don’t have a product that’s worthy of notice people will never become loyal readers.

The key is in focusing on providing something that isn’t available anywhere else. Whether that’s insightful content, amazing videos, or a podcast that rocks, you need to offer value that goes beyond the average.

While we don’t guarantee your blog will be the next hottest thing on the menu, we’re quite confident that any one of these strategies will see a significant upward swing on your Google Analytics account. Remember – the key to succeeding online is patience. The work you put in may not be rewarded tomorrow, but you’ll definitely start seeing results further down the line.

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