5 Stocks that Could Double in 2020

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2020 is here and many investors profited handsomely in 2019 with theĀ S&P 500 up 29% last year. In 2020, I’m going to list 5 stocks that could double in 2020 providing you 100%+ gains.

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Some of these stocks performed extremely well in 2019 and may continue to run up while a few stocks can reward patient investors in 2020 who held the stock through rougher times.

Stocks that Could Double in 2020: Roku (ROKU)

Roku is a leader in the streaming TV market with an impressive 218% stock gain in 2019. The great thing about Roku is that they serve as the hub for streaming services whether its Netflix, Apple TV, Youtube, etc. Their product doesn’t have to fight for market share in the streaming wars; Rather they benefit immensely regardless of which app users watch.

And speaking of watch time, Roku streaming hours were up 68% while active accounts were up 38%. Streaming hours is the most important metric for digital content according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. As long as Roku continues to grow their streaming hours, they can benefit from increased advertising revenue and higher platform revenue.


Roku shares are currently down from their all-time high and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Roku finish well above $200 this year.

Nio (NIO)

The Chinese EV leader is positioned for explosive growth in 2020 thanks to increased awareness of the many benefits of eco-friendly electric vehicles as well as a surge in auto orders.

Tesla shares are already on a major tear and I expect to see similar results from NIO as they plan to become a major player in China, the world’s largest EV auto market.

Their latest January sales update provides a glimpse into the bright future for the Chinese automaker. Nio delivered around 50% more vehicles in 2019 compared to 2018 plus have achieved 5 consecutive months of increased deliveries.


Nio stock is currently trading at just $3.44, well off its $10+ all-time high. The stock has a lot of room to run if shares “fill the trading gap” left by the huge decrease in price driven by short term thinking and shorts driving the shares down.

Nio stock could double or even triple in 2020 once the market sees the steady revenue growth and long term potential for a major player in Chinese booming EV market.

Uber (UBER)

The Uber IPO was one of the biggest in history but shares were fairly overpriced in comparison to Uber’s current revenue numbers. The stock fell to an all-time low of $25 but shares are trending up past $30 in early 2020. Uber is another tech disruptor that isn’t currently profitable but the CEO expects the company to be profitable in 2021.

At a current price of around $34, Uber stock needs to reach $68 to double and I think the current $58 market price is too small for such a game changing company.


Gross bookings were up 29% in q3 2019 along with a 31% increase in total rides to 1.77 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a b. While Uber stock may suffer in the short run, I expect shares to fill the gap left by the terrible IPO opening and soar much higher than $47.

Beyond Meat (BYND)

Beyond Meat shocked the world with a spectacular IPO performance of 282% in 2019. Now shares are down a lot from their all-time high thanks to insiders granting the right to sell their shares along with some dilution in shares outstanding. Does that mean Beyond Meat stock won’t go up in 2020? Trading at under $100 per share, I believe Beyond Meat is ridiculously underpriced and should skyrocket again in 2020.

More consumers are becoming aware of the health and social benefits of plant based meats and revenue continue to increase. Net revenues increased to $92 million in q3 2019 YOY for a whopping 250% gain. Sales will grow more in 2020 thanks to lucrative partnerships with companies like McDonalds. A $5 billion market cap is a joke for a major disruptor like Beyond Meat.

I’m extremely bullish on Beyond Meat and this could be a buy and hold forever stock for my berky portfolio.


SolarEdge (SEDG)

One of the fastest growing players in the solar industry, Solar Edge shares have skyrocketed 197% in 2019 thanks to record profits in 2018 and a strong yet steady increase in revenue and profits. Solar Edge reported record revenue in q3 2019 and has increased revenue and gross profit in 6 straight quarters.

Some of the near term challenges for the company include moving forward from the tragic death of former CEO and founder Guy Sella who passed away in 2019. Hopefully, Solar Edge CEO Zvi Lando carries on Sella’s legacy and put his heart and soul into the further growth of the company.

Solar energy stocks will see big gains in the next 10 years and Solar Edge is one of the safer, more consistent plays out there.

Disclosure: As of this writing, I own shares of Roku and Uber.

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