Technology in Business: 5 New Business Tech Trends to Know

70% of small businesses feel that it's “very important” to keep up with technology trends. But about 53% of small businesses hesitate because they think that it could be too expensive.

Technology in business is becoming more affordable every day. What was once an unrealistic advancement is now an affordable option for even small businesses.

Consider these five technology trends for your business.

1. Voice Search Optimization

Google has made it very clear that voice search is the future. As we depend on our phones and other assistive devices more, voice search is becoming the preferred method of search.

It's time to start optimizing your content for voice search so that you can maintain your SEO efforts. Voice searches tend to be different from keyboard searches. Aim to target longer and more conversational questions.

This type of search is especially popular for local searches. So this trend is especially important for local businesses.

2. Customer Support Automation

Gone are the days of clumsy chatbot services that could only intake information and give limited responses. The sophisticated chatbots of today can interact with your customers.

Their advantage is that they're available 24/7 on your website. This lets your customers get their questions answered right when they have them.

Look for a chatbot that utilizes AI. These are the most advanced and communicate more naturally. They can recognize emotions and respond with the appropriate sentiment.

3. Virtually and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming sales tools for e-commerce businesses looking to reach a new customer base. This technology was once a novelty of the future.

These days it's in everything from gaming to retail apps. The most obvious being Pokemon Go and Amazon's shopping app.

Using this technology lets customers try out a product before they actually buy it. This increases customer satisfaction on the products they do purchase and reduces the company's return rate.

This enables modern chatbots to respond with answers that are in context while providing relevant and meaningful answers.

4. Software Integration and Automation

When was the last time you took inventory of the software that your company uses? You may find that you're paying for software that your employees don't actually utilize.

One major technology trend is to streamline and integrate the technology used. Another major trend is software financing. This lets companies pay for their use of software while also improving the company's credit.

To make this an effective strategy, choose software that can integrate and automate as many processes as possible. This will increase productivity across departments.

Embrace Technology in Business

So which one of these technology trends can you implement in your business? Maybe you can start optimizing your website for voice search.

Or perhaps you can use augmented reality to give shoppers a better idea of how your products will look in their home. Whatever you decide, technology in business is becoming the norm.

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