5 Investment Loans Offered by Bad Credit Lenders

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If you are planning on investing in the stock market or opening a business, but do not have funds, the first thing that will come to your mind might be to borrow money. But what if you have bad credit? Is there an investment loan available for borrowers like you?

All loan options can be a source of funds for your investment. Most loans do not require the borrower to use the loaned money for something specific. Generally, the borrower uses the proceeds of a loan at their discretion.

Here are five loans available where a borrower with bad credit can acquire cash for investment.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is one of the installment loans for bad credit where you can use the borrowed money for investment. This loan option is meant to assist individuals who need extra cash to use for whatever reason.

A personal loan, also known as a bad credit loan, can help you with your investment dilemma. This type of loan accepts a credit score under 650, which is lower than the required credit score of other loan options.

Most personal loans for bad credit borrowers have a higher interest rate compared to loans offered to borrowers who have a good credit record. However, some lenders can offer you a lower interest rate despite your bad credit scores, such as credit unions, online lenders, and P2P lenders.

Personal loans for bad credit only require their borrowers to have proof of steady income. Having an income means you have the capability to pay your loan, which is more critical for them than having a good credit score.

Peer-to-Peer Loan

Peer-to-peer or P2P loans enable borrowers to acquire a loan from an individual directly. Having the opportunity to loan directly to the lender cuts out any financial institution as the middleman of your loan transaction.

P2P loans use an in-house underwriting system that examines more than credit scores. The lender will ask you a few questions when you apply for a loan. Questions such as what you are planning to do with the money and employment background are required to be answered.

P2P lending is a growing sector in the lending industry because it is easier to apply than bank loans. Borrowing from direct lenders will result in faster financing, and applicants can receive the money the following day.

Payday Loan

Another way you can acquire additional cash for your investment plans is the payday loan. A payday loan is a short-term loan made available by lenders to borrowers who need to solve short-term financial challenges.

Unlike personal loans with a long installment term, a payday loan requires the borrowers to pay the loan in their next payday. This loan option has been widely defined as a high-cost short-term credit.

Having bad credit will not stop you from acquiring a loan. All high-cost short-term loans are designed to meet the needs of borrowers with bad credit. A payday loan also does not require a guarantor when you apply for the loan. You need to issue a post-dated check with the principal amount and the interest rate written in it.

Business Loan

There are many types of financing options that are offered to consumers with bad credit. An individual can acquire a business line of credit if your business needs revolving working capital.

Another option would be the accounts receivable financing if your business needed capital due to unpaid invoices. If you plan to purchase or replace any equipment from your business, the equipment financing would be your best option.

Business loan lenders also offer merchant cash advances if you can prove that your business has solid sales. No matter what your credit score standing is, business loans are still made available for you by some lenders. A bad credit score should not stop a person from acquiring a business that will improve their financial standing.

You can offer collateral or include a guarantor on your application to ensure that your application gets approved. Having collateral or a guarantor is enough security for lenders willing to trust a person with a bad credit record. This will ensure that they have the collateral to repossess when the borrower defaults.

Online Loan

With the evolution of technology, lenders can now also be found online. The money you will acquire from online lenders can also be used in investment, whether for the stock market or businesses.

Before, having bad credit prevented many consumers from acquiring a loan. However, the lending industry has grown, and various loan options were born, including online loans.

The growth of the online lending marketplace opens doors of opportunity to individuals who have bad credit. An online loan is a lot like personal loans but will be applied and processed online through the lender's website.


Some of these loan options may not have been created to finance an investment, but there are no rules in lending that states a specific loan will only approve loans for a specific reason. However, having bad credit limits your loan choices, and being creative with your loan options is the only way you can acquire additional money for your investments. Various factors will result in a low credit score. These factors include defaults on payments, bankruptcy, too many hard inquiries, among others. However, having bad credit should not let you stop achieving your goals, including your investment plans.