5 Investing Resources that Make A Difference

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My Top 5 Investing Resources

You follow your stock portfolios closely, stay on top of your short and long positions, and always conduct proper research before making a buy or sell, but something else is still missing. Why, your list of reliable investing resources may be the missing ingredient!

No investor can survive without tapping into his or her investing resource database. And if you're database consists only of finance.yahoo.com, then you're missing the point.

Need a better idea? Try 5 investing resources that every Investor should know because they will make a difference in your investing knowledge.

1. Read the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal (aff) is my number one favorite source for investing commentary because the Wall Street Journal's content is fresh, newsworthy, and extremely helpful. WSJ's Money and Investing section contains enough valuable investing information for a week's worth of posts (I kid you not). Complementing the WSJ with a notepad or journal increases your ability to soak up information, plus you can refer to any article later since you marked down its section and page number.

2. Keep a Personal Notebook or Journal

You'll digest information a lot easier and can revert to articles or columns that you passed over before. The notebook method is applicable when listening to radio shows, watching television, or conversing with friends and family. By constantly writing down your thoughts, you'll become a more intelligent and focused investor through repetition.

3. Get a Feed Aggregator and Track Investing Sites

Aggregators expedite the reading process and allow you to browse hundreds of investing posts, stock picks, and money articles in a few short minutes. Google Reader offers an easy-to-use interface and supports bookmarking, e-mail, and post sharing capabilities.

4. Choose a Financial Research Site that suits your taste

With all the competition for viewers, financial research sites must put the user in a unique place, different from any other site on the web. I feel MSN Money accomplishes that goal quite well, and has been my number source of stock quotes and research.

5. Talk to a Friend who knows about Investing

We often participate in the most meaningful conversations with friends because a bond of trust has already been formed. If you've got a friend who invests, let him know he's not alone in the game. You can bounce investment ideas off of him or her, ask for personal advice, or seek help in a messy situation.

A dependable, core list of investing resources will help pave the road towards your financial success.

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