5 Foods Every Executive Should Eat

One of the biggest detriments to being in management is not having enough energy or stamina to make it through the day. It always seems as though you are beset by problem after problem and although you have an online degree in business management, you were not quite prepared for all the energy you’d need to make it through each and every day. If you find yourself running out of energy and getting short tempered with your employees when they come to you for solutions, perhaps you just aren’t getting the right nutrients. The following are five foods every executive should eat.

1. Slow Burn Carbs from Whole Grains

Long before you attended classes online at Arizona State University, your mother told you that you need energy from sugar to keep you from getting tired. You were probably told that glucose is a source of instant energy and that simply eating a small candy bar could rejuvenate you within moments, enough to get you through the day. Actually, mom was half right. Carbs do give you energy, but not the crash and burn kind from refined sugar. Slow burn carbs from whole grains give you increased energy over a longer period of time so you don’t crash and burn. This is the kind of energy an executive needs to get through those long, arduous days.

2. Foods (Especially Fish) High in the Omega-3 Fatty Acids

When you were studying for those exams you probably ate lots of salmon and took Omega-3 supplements because your mom also told you fish is brain food. Well, so it is but why did you stop supplementing or eating fatty fish a couple times a week just because you have that degree? You need that mental acuity now more than ever so go back to your Omega-3 supplements and your bi-weekly salmon feasts and you’ll see just how much easier it will be.

3. Foods High in B Vitamins – Especially Folic Acid

Another food (or actually any of the food groups!) high in vitamin B, especially B-12) are going to add to the energy you are getting from those slow burn carbs. When you are deficient in the B vitamins you get distracted much more easily, depressed and simply sluggish of mind and body. Foods to eat would include:

  • Shellfish
  • Liver
  • Red meats
  • Tofu
  • Soy milk
  • Cheese
  • Eggs

4. Digestive Enzymes Best Found in Yogurt

One of the things which so many young executives with an online business administration degree don’t understand is that digestion is vital to good health. Every nutrient you take in is absorbed through the lining of your stomach and if foods aren’t moving along quickly, nothing can pass through the membranes and you become literally vitamin deficient. To improve your health and stamina all the way around, eat yogurt daily to keep your intestinal health (and movement!) optimal.

5. Full Amino Complex Derived from Lean Proteins

Finally, you could always add lean meats to your diet but you can also eat beans and brown rice (in combination) to give you the full range of amino acids. Those who are vegans or vegetarians know that beans and rice give you the entire amino acid complex, or in other words, protein. For energy and endurance, you need to add protein to your diet.

These food groups should soon help you get yourself back on the road to better health.

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