5 Educational Investment Articles to Improve Your Financial IQ

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I'm still working on entries for monday and the rest of the week, so here are 5 educational articles to improve your financial IQ and make you money!

  1. Profit From the Private Equity Boom – the Private equity monster eats up underperforming businesses month after month it seems. Investment U wrote a great article on how to identify companies that are prime targets of private equity firms. Expected Future Target – Gap Inc (GPS).
  2. Investing in China ETFs 101 – Very good reading on how to invest in China through passive ETFs.
  3. Top 5 Online Brokers – Faulkin shares information on OptionsXpress, one of the newest online brokers to enter the competitive brokerage firm market. I've considered investing in their company; they trade as OXPS.
  4. Profit from Higher Long Term Rates – Siegel's case argues in favor of increasing your stock holdings to profit from longer term interest rates trends. In my case, I agree fully since I'm 98% invested in stocks.
  5. How to Escape Living from Paycheck to Paycheck – One of JD's best articles yet. I included this writeup because investing in your understanding of accounting and cash flow is as important as managing your stock portfolio.

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