4 Lessons Donald Trump Taught Me About Wealth Building

My wife and I attended the Donald Trump Wealth Building Seminar a couple of weeks ago.  Actually it wasn’t a seminar, but a 2 1/2 hour promotion for his upcoming weekend seminar.  I have attended sales pitches for seminars before, but I must admit that this was one of the better ones.  I did walk away with a few tidbits that I will be able to use on my Financial Freedom journey.

To the dismay of a few attendees the Donald wasn’t there.   What do you expect for free?  He did have a 10-15 minute video introduction to the seminar – where he changed his name into a verb.  He must have mentioned the Trump Way a hundred times.  “I will teach you how to create wealth in the Trump Way.  You will learn how to evaluate projects in the Trump Way.  By the time you will finish my seminar – you will be combing your hair in the Trump Way.”  I added the last one.

The presenter was excellent.  Trump found a person who he believed represented the average American.  He owned a moderately successful real estate agency and was making a living, but wasn’t really getting ahead.  Trump’s people mentored him obviously in the Trump Way. Now he has multiple streams of income and appeared to be in a much better financial position.  Trump is definitely a smart man.  He created a success story to help sell his seminar.  I am not sure exactly how long Trump work with this person, but I imagine a few years.

During the presentation, it was stated a roadmap is essential to wealth building.  You must have:

  • A dream
  • Must have a goal and be passionate about it
  • Must obtain specific knowledge
  • Create a Timeline

In addition to those you must learn:

  • how to use OPM (other people’s money)
  • OPT (other people’s time)
  • and OPE (other people’s experience).

Trump’s time is too valuable to be running over the country pushing this seminar, thus he uses OPT and OPE

There were many other interesting points.  If you have a chance to attend the “freebie” seminar, I would recommend it.  I chose not to sign up for the actual seminar, it appears to have a strong slant towards real estate although it was stated that would cover business development as well.   I may reconsider it down the road, but my focus currently is on the stock market. These seminars are being conducted all over the US.  If anyone has attended the seminar or know of anyone that has attended – I would be interested in your feedback.

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