101 Ways to Invest Money – Real Estate

Real Estate

15. Buy a Single Family Home. It's probably the most important (and expensive) decision you'll ever make in your life. Make home ownership one of your top priorities and consult with an honest, trustworthy lender and real estate agent when you wish to start shopping for homes.

16. Rent out an apartment, house, or condominium. Renting to others is a great investment to pursue as long as you can manage the weight of purchasing another property. Once you own the land, your tenants help you to pay the mortgage while you retain all of the property's equity and value.

17. Purchase REIT Stocks and Funds. Real Estate Investment Trusts sells like stocks on any major stock exchange, expect REIT's invest directly in real estate through mortgages and/or properties. The current sellers market for home buying will temporarily depress REITs, but expect them to rally strong in the next 5 to 10 years as corporate building and construction continues to soar.

18. Buy Vacant Lots and Revive Them. Vacant lots are a huge income opportunity, if you pick up the property for cheap and develop it into a profitable income business. Vacant lots have turned into homes, mini-marts, salons, stores, etc. Contact the owner of the plot, submit an offer, buy the plot, then began to monetize your investment.

19. Purchase Mortgage-Backed Securities. MBS are bonds that earn cash flow from a pool of mortgages. Investors are paid monthly out the principal and interest from the pool of mortgages, also know as a mortgage pass-through. Instead of having to purchase real estate, investors can buy an undivided portion of an MBS and receive the paid out principals and interest as earnings.

20. Invest in a Real Estate Development Company. Local development companies make big bucks when they land building contracts. Since many of these developers are private equity firms, we cannot buy stock in these companies over a market exchange. Contact local developers and express your interest in their business. Often these firms need investors, so they may reciprocate sooner than you think.

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