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Investing in Collectibles

9. Collect High Value Sports Cards. You probably traded them as a kid, and even used the cardboard to transform your bike into a child-size motorcycle. Let’s just hope you didn’t sacrifice a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle RC for your first Harley. In its worst condition possible (Graded PSA 1), the Bronx Bomber’s first year card sold for $3,700 in December. You can purchase sports cards at your local hobby shop, mall, or drug store.

10. Amass a Winning Stamp Collection. Stamp collecting is another cool way to relive your childhood and make some money at the same time. eBay has a ton of stamp related items on its page, and buyers can pick up some vintage stamp collections really cheap. Remember the alleged $11,000 stamp that surfaced on a letter….That could have been your stamp.

11. Collect Vintage Books. Preserving timeless classics from Faulkner, Wright, or Twain in your bookcase will send the big spenders heading to your doorstep. And you don’t have to spend a lot. Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and Yard sales are great places for finding undervalued vintage texts.

12. Cash In on Popular Toys. Every year, there’s a new hype or buzz about the year’s most sought after toy. Kids across the country sent their parents into the hellish gauntlet we all know as shopping malls to search for toys and gifts.

Here’s how you beat the masses: buy highly collectible toys in the beginning of the year, say around February, then flip them on eBay for huge profits. I missed out on $2,500 because I was too lazy to wait thirty minutes in line for a Sony PS3. They sold for $600 on their release date, and were selling for $3,000 on eBay the very next day.

13. Start Clipping those coupons. Buy a coupon holder and subscribe to local and national coupon agencies and/or distributors to find the best coupons. Your local paper will most likely provide coupon inserts as well. My favorite coupon source, ValPak, offers hundreds of dollars in savings for no charge.

14. Watch Antiques Roadshow and Shop for Antiques. Antique collecting can be tricky, especially for the uninformed buyer who has no idea of a true antique piece. Before you start buying, invest your time and money to become an educated buyer. Antiques Roadshow has tons of useful information, and by viewing the pieces on TV, you’ll be able to spot out counterfeit antiques with greater accuracy.

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